'Arrow' Exclusive: Dylan Neal Teases a Dark Dr. Ivo Returns in 'The Promise'
'Arrow' Exclusive: Dylan Neal Teases a Dark Dr. Ivo Returns in 'The Promise'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
In last night's Arrow, Dr. Ivo was nowhere to be found, but don't worry he will be back. I spoke with Dylan Neal about Dr. Ivo's return to the island. 

Dr. Ivo was last seen being rejected by Sarah in "Blind Spot." She may be done with him, but he's most definitely not finished with her. Neal teased, "Now it's all gloves off and he's going to go out to get her. He feels like he's been betrayed and the dark side of Ivo will come to the fore now."

In the "Tremors" flashback, Oliver and Sarah finally found the Mirakuru-altered Slade who was focused entirely on getting revenge on Ivo for killing his love, Shado. With missiles aimed at Ivo's ship, Oliver attempted to talk Slade out of firing them. He was successful in the short term, but Slade seemed determined to make Ivo suffer for what he did. 

Neal will be next seen as Ivo in episode 15 titled, "The Promise." And, it sounds like there will be fireworks. Neal said, "This is a big, big, culmination of where Ivo's been going all season. It sets Slade on his future journey and his relationship with Oliver. Really, it's really a big, big moment for the show in general."

At some point, the situation between Oliver and Slade went terribly wrong and Oliver shot Slade in the eye with an arrow. We'll have to wait to find out how that situation played out, but the friendship between them took a dark turn.

In "The Promise," Neal said that many questions about the past will be answered, but a new one will be raised regarding Ivo.

Are you anxious about what's coming between Oliver, Slade, Sarah and Ivo on the island? We know at least three of them are alive in the future, but perhaps this episode will provide insight into Slade's plans in Starling City.

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