'Arrow' Spoilers and Video: Watch the Extended New York Comic-Con Trailer
'Arrow' Spoilers and Video: Watch the Extended New York Comic-Con Trailer
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Arrow visited the New York Comic-Con on the weekend of October 12-14, and the show definitely brought the excitement. Thanks to a spoiler-filled Arrow promo video, we now have the chance to see a whole bunch of characters set to appear in upcoming episodes. Check it out here.

WARNING: There are Arrow spoilers ahead. If you don't want to know what's coming, you probably should not read this article. Otherwise, carry on.

First up, we have the Arrow promo video debuted at Comic-Con. This video is much longer than most of the promos we have seen. And it has a first look at a whole bunch of characters. Check it out below:

What do we see in this video?

  • The Arrow gets suited up.
  • The line that follows the dressing scene pretty much sums up the mission statement of Arrow. If the cops and the justice system can't stop the corruption, the Arrow is going to do it.
  • On the island, Oliver Queen runs from... Something. Or someone. And then he gets trapped in a net. Oliver is definitely not alone.
  • Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson) gets into a limo. Next to John Barrowman! Arrow is keeping a lid on Barrowman's character, calling him nothing but a "well-dressed man." Which you can see from this video.
  • Laurel meets the Arrow on a rooftop.
  • The Arrow breaks into a dingy room and immediate gets shot at. Is this Deadshot? If so, the DC comics villain (played by Michael Rowe) in the TV show, will first appear in episode 3.
  • Oliver and/or The Arrow breaks through doors and runs around.
  • Detective Lance and the police mobilize to take down the Arrow.
  • Lots more action stuff happens on rooftops.
  • Is that Oliver with writing all over his chest? We didn't see that before. Maybe it's another vigilante type.
  • As always, arrow beats machine gun.
  • "You have failed this city!"
  • The guy with the mask might be Deathstroke, a villain played by Jeffrey Robinson in the show.
  • The entire group of masked villains is probably the Royal Flush Gang, scheduled to appear in episode 6.
  • Half-naked Oliver is always a good choice.
  • Wait, is that Oliver getting tortured? The show people did spill that something that happens in episode 9 will prove the Arrow's vulnerability.
  • The white-haired fighting lady is China White (Kelly Hu), who will appear on this week's Arrow episode on Wednesday, October 17.
  • Brief shots of people like Walter and Detective Lance combine with bullets, smashing glass and a lot of running to up the tension.
  • Hey, Diggle gets to do something!
  • The pretty brunette who appears briefly toward the end might be Helena Bertinelli, aka "The Huntress." She will show up by episode 7.

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm on The CW.

(Images and video courtesy of The CW)