[Video] 'Arrow' Finale Sneak Peeks: To Kill Or Not To Kill
[Video] 'Arrow' Finale Sneak Peeks: To Kill Or Not To Kill
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Slade and his mirakuru army have invaded Starling City. On the season finale, Team Arrow has to stop Slade and his army before Amanda Waller decimates the city. It gets more difficult when someone they care about gets taken by a masked man. Will they save the city?

It may take some help! The League of Assassins and other allies may be just enough to tip the favor to Team Arrow.

Spoiler alert: This article contains Arrow spoilers and clips. 

The Arrow Lair Clip

  • The Arrow Lair has been destroyed. It's a good thing Oliver has a back up location. Amanda Waller plans on bombing the city and Oliver wants to stop her. Lyla showed up in Starling City to help. "You're here." 
  • Oliver wants Lyla to go back to ARGUS to stop Waller or at least delay her so they can stop Slade. Diggle decides to go with her. 
  • Diggle: "'Til death do us part, right?"
    Lyla: "This time it might."
  • The cure works! Roy's there and looking good! Oliver wants to fill injection arrows with the cure. "There's been enough death already."
Laurel was Taken

  • Lance is upset Nyssa's there. Sara reassures her father that Nyssa's there to help. He informs them that Laurel was taken by some masked men. 
  • "Eww. We have a new big problem, which considering all our other problems is really saying something. "
  • All of Slade's men are heading for the tunnel. ARGUS will level the city to prevent them from leaving and that was Slade's plan all along.
  • Nyssa and Oliver see all Slade's men in one place as an advantage and plan on taking it. Laurel may be missing, but "The city comes first."
  • Lance still doesn't know Oliver is the Arrow?
  • "You've killed before. Tonight, I suggest you get back in the habit."
Will Oliver kill or not to get the job done?

Arrow airs Wednesday at 8 pm ET on ABC. 

(Image and videos courtesy of ABC.)

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