'Arrow': 5 Things You Need to Know about Season 3
'Arrow': 5 Things You Need to Know about Season 3
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Given the promos and all the casting news for season 3, it's easy to see why CW's Arrow is one of the Top 14 returning shows this fall. But there's more to Arrow than the addition of new and colorful characters to Starling City. Below we list five reasons why you should tune in:

Because Two Stephen Amells are Better than One

One of the highly anticipated fight scenes of Arrow season 3 is the one involving Oliver and the Arrow. The action sequence is cool and very engaging. After all two Stephens are better than one.   

Because Roy Transitions to Arsenal

We've seen Roy Harper's transition from street-savy criminal to Thea Queen's boyfriend and protege of Oliver Queen so it's only fitting that we witness his full transformation into Arsenal. It will also be interesting to see how Roy fits in with Team Arrow while he struggles with his volatile behavior and his broken heart.

Because There's a Treat for "Olicity" Fans 

If you're shipping Oliver and Felicity, then the season three premiere might just make your day. One of the promos of the series features Oliver on a high speed chase while asking Felicity if she likes Italian. It also seemingly teases their first kiss. And while its uncertain whether love is really in the cards for "Olicity," Amell's words are definitely comforting: "Oliver has one woman this year, that woman is Felicity." 

Because We Find Out More About Felicity

Next to Oliver Queen, Felicity Smoak is arguably the character you can't get enough of on Arrow. The good news is that season three will feature Felicity's backstory, including her hacker boyfriend from her MIT days and her mother

Because John Barrowman Has Been Promoted to Series Regular

Season three marks the return of Malcolm Meryl and since John Barrowman is now a series regular, that means we'll be seeing this fan favorite villain a lot. It also means that Arrow will be tapping on his relationship with Thea which Barrowman describes as the "most dysfunctional, awesome father and daughter relationship that's going to be on television to the point that it's going to be shocking." That should make really good TV.

Arrow season 3 premieres Wednesday, October 8 at 8pm on The CW. 

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