'Arrow' Recap: Vengeance Is Stronger Than Love
'Arrow' Recap: Vengeance Is Stronger Than Love
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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In this episode of Arrow, "Vendetta," Oliver continues his quest to turn Helena from vengeance to justice. Also, they make out and have sex. And coffee. It's great. Read all about it here in this Arrow recap!

Sexy Times and Attempted Murder

Woohoo! Oliver and Helena did the deed!

Of course, both vigilantes seem rather regretful of their roll in the hay. Helena expresses her feelings by trying to kill the leader of the Triads. Oliver expresses his by stopping her and lecturing about the differences between vengeance and justice.

Even with a Big Belly burger and some coffee, Helena isn't so interested.

Why I Love Oliver's Lair

Without Helena, Oliver returns to his first love -- half-naked workouts in the factory. He has a little less fun when Diggle shows up to shame Oliver about having sex with Helena. It seems that Diggle thinks this is just Oliver's way of avoiding guilt.

He may be right. He may not be right. Who cares? We get another salmon ladder!

Walter and Moira Have Drama Too

Walter may be back from whichever other hemisphere he ran to, but things are still kind of awkward between him and Moira. Can he trust her?

According to Felicity (Woo! Felicity!), he can't. It seems that another organization -- with NSA-level hacking skills -- traced Moira's transfer of the funds used to salvage Robert's boat. The only trace Felicity could find was an image. It just so happens to be the image tattooed on Oliver's perfect chest.

Moira goes out later, giving Walter the perfect opportunity to snoop. He eventually finds a journal just like the one Oliver has (only blank like the book was before he heated it) with the symbol.

Walter doesn't so much apologize to Felicity after this as he offers her a potentially deadly job tracking down everything she can about the notebook. And we learn, yet again, why Felicity may be the most awesome character on a thoroughly awesome show like Arrow:

"I hate mysteries. They bug me. They need to be solved."

And solve the mysteries she does. Felicity returns quickly to Walter and hands him fancy UV glasses in the darkened room. Suddenly, Walter can see all the names that have been motivating Oliver in his quest.

But what will Walter do with them?

Evil Daddy Approves of Oliver

Back at the evil Bertinelli House of Evil, Frank consoles Nick's widow while Helena visibly sneers her displeasure from the stairs. Not that Frank notices this rather unpleasant trait of his dear little girl's. But father and daughter don't get much time to bond, because that's when Oliver shows up to flirt with Helena.

She initially resists Oliver's hot, sexy advances, but a trip to the Sara Lance's grave convinces her to at least hang with Oliver for a bit. They head next to the lair, where Oliver uses a bow as foreplay and then shoots everything Helena can throw at him.

Oliver even opens up enough to talk to the girl about his father's list -- including Anthony Venza, a name she knows -- and to introduce her to Diggle. The list goes over better. Diggle just acts all rude and then compares Oliver to a dope fiend.

So I guess we know how Diggle feels about all of this.

Justice and Kisses

Oliver, being a headstrong young lad, ignores Diggle and takes Helena out on a take-down-a-prescription-drug-ring date. It goes very well. The two costumed vigilantes (wearing clashing shades of green and purple) take down the whole operation without any deaths.

As the police arrive to take away the bad guys, Oliver and Helena share a tender kiss by flasher light.

Double Dates = Double Trouble

Despite his financial woes, Tommy has decided to take Laurel to the newest, fanciest restaurant he can find. Too bad they can't actually get a table. Enter Oliver and Helena, out for a post-violence bite to eat. Not knowing what shark-infested waters she's getting into, Helena suggests that the two couples sit together.

It doesn't go well. Laurel spills to Oliver that Tommy might need a job from Oliver. This makes Tommy all offended and insecure, so he leaves. Then, Helena rapidly figures out that Laurel is the love of Oliver's life and she leaves too.

While Tommy and Laurel do make up to each other later on, the same cannot be said for Oliver and Helena. She is hurt by Oliver's actions. And one bad date is totally enough to send this on-edge girl straight into the Dark Side.

Why All Vigilantes Should Learn Chinese

As Oliver grieves in the lair for the already-lost Helena -- a grief surprisingly helped by Diggle's "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" comments -- Helena prepares for her next strike. The girl finds the Triad boss playing cards with his buddies and proceeds to shoot everyone very, very dead.

Too bad she doesn't speak Chinese and therefore missed the "dig two graves" quote. She probably could have used that advice.

This Means War

After Helena's actions, Oliver, Frank and the Triads all prepare for war.

At first, the Triad seems to be the most effective at this. Chinese assassins storm the Bertinelli mansion and take out every security guard in a matter of moments. Frank himself only escapes when a hooded man (aka, Oliver) takes out China White just before she can finish the job.

Frank runs out onto the grounds, but he doesn't get far before an arrow pierces his back. I guess Helena did learn one thing from Oliver -- arrows are effective weapons. The betrayed daughter explains her motivation to Daddy, who totally isn't buying any of it.

Before Helena can finish the job, however, Oliver arrives to shoot the crossbow right out of her hands. Then they fight. It's not much of a contest really -- this is salmon-ladder Oliver we're talking about -- and Helena seems poised to lose.

Then Frank shoots her. He really is a horrible father, isn't he?

Oliver punches out Frank as police lights approach. Then he grabs Helena and disappears into the night.

So Much for Love!

Helena isn't dead, by the way. She wakes up in Oliver's lair, extremely angry at the man for leaving Frank alive. Even when Oliver explains that Bertinelli will be going to jail for a long, long time, Helena isn't satisfied.

She really would rather kill people, after all.

Helena leaves, telling Oliver that she doesn't care about him and will betray him if he ever gets in her way. Oliver responds by going to Big Belly Burger to torture himself with chili cheese fries. Diggle at least is kind at this point, showing up to avoid the fries and to congratulate Oliver on opening his heart. This means progress, after all.

Oh, and Diggle totally checks out his ex-sister-in-law Carmen when he talks about love. Something is definitely happening there!

Oliver Has Friends, Even If He Doesn't Have a Lover

As Helena rides her motorcycle into the dark night of evil, Oliver ponders the rain in his palatial home. This meditation is broken by the arrival of Tommy. Young Merlyn confesses his sudden poverty and surprisingly turns down Oliver's offer of no-strings money.

Tommy just wants a job. Oliver gives it to him.

It's not much of a happy ending, but we may have to take it. This is **Arrow, after all.

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