[VIDEO] Eliminated 'America's Next Top Model' Contestant CoryAnne Roberts on Why Her Famous Supermodel Mother Hurt Her in the Competition
[VIDEO] Eliminated 'America's Next Top Model' Contestant CoryAnne Roberts on Why Her Famous Supermodel Mother Hurt Her in the Competition
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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CoryAnne Roberts made it far but it wasn't far enough. CoryAnne was the first elimination of America's Next Top Model cycle 23 finale and she landed in third place. In the competition CoryAnne was compared a lot to her mother, famous supermodel Stephanie Roberts, and she didn't exactly appreciate it. In her exit interview with ANTM judge Drew Elliott, CoryAnne explained that the connection to her mother on the competition frustrated her and it hurt far more than it helped.

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Though CoryAnne had a relationship with her mother growing up, it was sporadic and she was mainly raised by her father. Yet even in the few times that she did see her mother, CoryAnne said she never really talked to her about modeling. 

"Me and my mom, we never close in that sense. We never shared very much. I would see her in the summers and I never really asked about modeling so much," CoryAnne said. "I always think about now in hindsight like, 'Why didn't I ask more questions?' You know? I could have learned from her."

"So it was interesting coming in and everyone was saying, 'You have these shoes to fill and you're at advantage,' and I was like, 'Why? How?'" CoryAnne continued. "All she is an idol to me but she never really helped me. She never really made any calls for me or pulled any strings. So I was like, 'Why am I at an advantage?' and that was frustrating for me."  

When conversation turned to her rocky past with her mother that was explored on the show, CoryAnne admitted that if anything she feels she supports her mother. It isn't, nor has it ever, been the other way around. "I've always wanted to be different [from her]," CoryAnne said. "So that was another thing, so I was like, 'Stop trying to make me like her, you know?' And it was just a miscommunication in that way too."

CoryAnne might not have gotten much guidance from her mother, but when asked, CoryAnne did offer some advice for aspiring young models with what she has learned from her experience on the show. The most important thing in CoryAnne's mind is consistency. "I learned a lot about my angles [on the show]," CoryAnn said. "So if you find that you'll know how to take a good picture every week or every day for that matter." 

"And stay personable and charismatic," she added. "I survived by just loving everyone. All the make-up and hair people, they were my family. The crew, I was like, 'You guys are keeping me sane.'" 

Was CoryAnne at a disadvantage being compared to her mother? What do you make of her advice for young models? Did she deserve to finish in third place? Were you happy that India won? 

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