[VIDEO] Eliminated 'America's Next Top Model' Contestant Courtney Nelson Explains Why She Wasn't a Villain
[VIDEO] Eliminated 'America's Next Top Model' Contestant Courtney Nelson Explains Why She Wasn't a Villain
Derek Stauffer
Derek Stauffer
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The most controversial contestant on America's Next Top Model's reboot season is no more. Nearly every eliminated model had something, usually negative, to say about Courtney Nelson but they won't have to worry any longer. Courtney was eliminated but in her exit interview with judge Drew Lynch she balked at being called a villain. According to Courtney, she isn't a villain, she is just "quirky" and "misunderstood."

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Though most of the contestants and a fair bit of the audience would call Courtney the villain, she doesn't see herself that way. "I don't think I was the villain," she said. "I don't intentionally do things to hurt people and when I do feel like I hurt someone, I do like to try and fix it. So I don't think I was the villain. I think I was just misunderstood and I don't think my quirkiness was understood so people were actually like, 'OK so she's just kind of a weirdo." 

Courtney didn't seem to be that shocked, though, that some of the other girls weren't her biggest fans. "I think when it all comes down to it, it was a high stress situation," Courtney explained. "A lot of us were put into this house with different personalities. We all came from different backgrounds and we were forced to live with each other without an option and it was good and bad. You know there was some arguments and things like that but overall I think I walked away from the show with a lot of friendships, especially the girls that I got really close with." 

Courtney agreed with Drew that she got a little vicious as the competition went on but she justified her behavior. "I was going through stuff and from day one I got called a crybaby and I got called things. It kind of just built up in the weeks," she said. "And it came to a point where I'm like, all right, I'm tired of people saying these things about me and picking on me whether it's about my past or it was certain things about me. So I just got to the point where I'm like, 'I don't care anymore.'" 

"People don't realize that I was going through a break-up right before I got here," Courtney explained. "I was processing all of that and the thing that was different about me and the break-up is that I had a camera documenting all of it 24/7. So I was very emotional during that time."

Do you think Courtney's explanations make sense? Do you think she was a villain or was she just misunderstood? How do you feel about her elimination? Who do you want to win the season now? 

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