Tyra Banks to Interview Barack Obama
Tyra Banks is nothing if not helpful to her viewers. In addition to the body image cheerleading she does on America's Next Top Model and graphic tips on how to most hygienically use a public restroom she provides on her daily talk show, she's also doing her civic duty by granting an opportunity to 2008 Presidential hopeful Barack Obama to address her audience.

It was recently reported that the Junior Senator from Illinois will be taping an upcoming episode of Tyra Banks' talk show on September 27. There's no airdate listed as yet, but a spokesperson for the show said it's being targeted for about a week after the taping.

But the America's Next Top Model creator is not the only daytime talk show hostess to bring in a heavy-hitting political guest.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show
will start its season with an interview with another Democratic hopeful, Senator Hillary Clinton. That show will air on September 4. It's not the first time Clinton has appeared on the show; she also talked with Ellen in October of 2005.

The candidates more than likely picked these shows for the opportunity to connect with the coveted women's vote. The Wall Street Journal reports that the outlook for 2008 indicates that winning the women's vote could be “pivotal.” In 2004, women voters outnumbered men by 8.8 million.

Obama's appearance on Tyra's show also gives him a chance to connect with younger viewers. Tyra's success with America's Next Top Model has won her a legion of young fans. Finding opportunities to speak directly to younger voters has been a hot topic for candidates, and resulted in the recent YouTube debates.

Considering the elections are more than a year away, we can assume we will have many more of these intersections of pop culture and politics. What is less certain is whether these appearances will actually have a lasting  - and positive - opinion on the minds of the viewers.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: ET Online, NY Daily News, The Wall Street Journal
(Image courtesy of CW)