Ren Vokes Eliminated from 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14
Ren Vokes Eliminated from 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 14
After threatening to quit the competition, Ren Vokes was finally given the chance to leave tonight on America's Next Top Model. Lacking the desire to remain with the other girls, she told the judging panel what she revealed in the confessional: that it was not her choice to be on the show.

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According to the 22-year-old Ren, she just joined America's Next Top Model to catch the attention of her mother. "I think I'm doing this for the wrong reason," the ousted model revealed. "I'm doing it because my mom finally likes me now. 'Cause she loves this show."

That certainly explains her reluctance. Throughout the Cycle's aired episodes, Ren has displayed a defeatist attitude to America's Next Top Model. She admitted that being in the house with the other girls constantly damaged her sanity.

When host Tyra Banks heard about Ren's dilemma, she called her out and asked if she still wanted to stay. She had landed in the Bottom Two with Brenda for this week's photo shoot because her lack of enthusiasm became obvious in her picture.

Because of the poor quality of her work, Tyra was already going to eliminate her anyway. It was tragic, since Ren was her so-called special find. She joined the competition as the 13th girl and didn't even have to go through auditions.

At first, Ren Vokes felt lucky to be on America's Next Top Model. Tyra and the other judges had a lot of faith in her. But she certainly didn't have a lot of faith in herself.

Another issue that caused her to depart was the tension with the other models. Even though she referred to everyone as her new best friends when she was introduced, that didn't last long. She was one of those who first got into a fight in the house.

On the second episode of the series, Ren felt that she could no longer take the boisterous personality of fellow contestant Alasia. The two girls started bickering, much to the horror of their roommates.

In the end though, she maintained her stubborn stance and didn't even hug any of them goodbye. Ren left America's Next Top Model on a bitter note, but she was certainly relieved as she walked out the door.

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"I mean I do enjoy shoots and I do enjoy the actual work," Ren said. "But I don't think it's worth it. Regardless if it's one of the greatest opportunities of my life, I realize it's not my cup of tea."

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