Nigel Barker, Brittany Brower Talk 'Top Model All-Stars': An 'Explosion' of 'Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs' Proportions!
Nigel Barker, Brittany Brower Talk 'Top Model All-Stars': An 'Explosion' of 'Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs' Proportions!
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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We're a week away from the premiere of America's Next Top Model: All-Stars, and while we're still having a blast reliving the past with our "Know Your Top Model All-Stars" series (read the latest one here!), it's time to look toward the season and find out just how excited we ought to be to have this cast of characters back in Tyra's clutches.

According to two new interviews with those in the know, noted fashion photographer/ANTM panel mainstay Nigel Barker and all-star contestant Brittany Brower, there just aren't enough synonyms for "crazy" to describe the competition this cycle.

"Well, there's a lot of big personalities. Obviously they brought back all of the divas, all of the crazy girls, the funny ones. It's jam-packed with personalities," Brittany, whom we originally saw on cycle 4 back in 2005, tells Wetpaint. As far as the "biggest diva" among the returning models, Brittany said, "I would have to say Bianca [Golden]. She was definitely quite the diva." (What? The girl infamous for starting a brawl with Nikki Blonsky in an airport? A diva?)

Maybe Bianca is the one Nigel was referring to when he told Wetpaint "there's a very explosive character" coming up, to which he then added: "well, many." And that's just the wonderful, delightful, drama-ful nature of this season, according to Nigel: "They are All-Stars not just because they were fun to watch on the show and successful, but because they were very characterful. To have that many girls at one time on the show, it's a big deal. For some odd reason, some of our girls just couldn't keep it together, even in front of the Kardashians."

The Kardashians weren't on this season's list of guest judges, but this season's CW promos promise that the reality sisters will come by to judge the models at some point, and according to Nigel, something happens that won't be pretty (but it will be pretty awesome to watch!):

"There's an explosion of Top Model proportions that happens on the episode, which hopefully will be great television and not just embarrassing."

Oh c'mon, Nigel. You know Top Model is at its best when it's at its most embarrassing. I smell a complete model meltdown.

Or maybe more than one! If you believe Brittany, and in reality TV miracles, it sounds as if we'll be seeing multiple meltdowns per week: "There's definitely a lot of drama. There's always going to be tear-shedding with girls all together in those kinds of situations. It's a high-strung kind of thing. There's every emotion. Laughter, a lot of craziness, like going coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. I myself, there were not too many tears going down but, yes, there was definitely some crying going on."

Brittany went on to talk about how her career and life have changed since she was last on Top Model, and you can read the entire interview here. She also explained that on next Wednesday's premiere, we will probably not see the usual screaming and crying that occurs when the models learn they've been selected as Tyra's Chosen Ones, because they've literally and figuratively been there before: 

"I think all of us were a lot more confident coming into the house this time. I myself was not so doe-eyed and starry-eyed when Tyra walks out this time. The first time everyone was like, "Oh my God, it's Tyra Banks!" Well, we've all seen her a million times now and we're all just kind of like, "Oh, hey, Tyra." But we were all excited to be there."

Count me in! I'm excited to be there, too. Next Wednesday at 9pm on the CW.

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