#5 America's Next Top Model: All-Stars Showdown!
#5 America's Next Top Model: All-Stars Showdown!
5. Danielle Evans (Cycle 6)

Editorial = 7
Commercial = 8
Height (5’10”) = 10
Runway = 7

I was really surprised that Danielle was in the bottom four, as my memory of her from watching the cycle was that she was so beautiful and interesting to watch. But reviewing her photos, I noticed that actually, they are a little flat, and that I think it was her charming personality that breathed life into them on the show. She ranks a little higher in commercial simply because I think while she can definitely do both, she more easily achieves accessible rather than edgy.

No points deducted for her height, but for runway, had to take off some points. After all, she sprained a toe in a runway challenge. Granted, they were in the same shoes that Naomi Campbell herself teetered in twice in a Vivienne Westwood show. But Danielle’s final runway walk, while solid, wasn’t so fantastic that it totally redeemed the challenge performance.

So that’s the first set…no doubt there will be some disagreements with the scoring, so what do you think? Does your favorite girl still come out on top even taking her personality out of the consideration? Leave your thoughts below and come back Wednesday for how the final four fall out. Who comes out on top?

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(Image courtesy of CW)