#5 America's Next Top Model - Brittany Hatch's Top Five Moments
#5 America's Next Top Model - Brittany Hatch's Top Five Moments

5. The short-term memory controversy.

When the girls arrived in Australia, they learned that being in an English-speaking country didn’t necessarily make their Cover Girl abroad commercial any easier: they had to deliver the lines in an Australian accent.

For Brittany, though, that wasn’t her main concern. She had been hit by a car when she was seventeen, and the accident left her with short-term memory problems. She vocally fretted to the other girls, and had a little meltdown during the shoot itself.

The other girls weren’t sympathetic. For one, they all seemed to feel they had heard too many excuses from Brittany. And for another, as Dionne pointed out, Brittany had not had any issues with the lines in an earlier acting challenge.

In her exclusive interview with BuddyTV, Brittany let us know she feels it was a different situation. She said she can memorize lines from a script when they have a couple hours as they did during the other acting challenge on America’s Next Top Model. It was the cue cards in the commercial that threw her off. It had seemed during the Australian episode that the girls also had time to memorize the script, though, so the controversy continues…

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