J. Alexander on who could be America's Next Top Model
America’s Next Top Model personality J. Alexander spoke to AOL Black Voices this week about the three remaining contestants on America’s Next Top Model, plus shared his opinion of Dionne, who left last week.

Jaslene: "I've always said that she reminds me of Janice Dickinson and she's a firecracker. I think she's amazing. She is a go-getter. She was raised by drag-queens so she knows her s&#%."

Renee: "The mother of one thought, for her, that she just had everything. And it was a great thinking process because what it has done was put her there in the top four, and she's good. She [caused] a bit of a stir to the girls and that's what made it really more insane. So between her, Jaslene and Natasha I think right now those are different firecrackers and their fuses are all about to explode."

Natasha: "She's just special to me. She's from the east. She's from the eastern block so those girls know how to work hard. They know how to go and get it. And she's managed to get it. She's managed to get it. She has managed to get it. And I think that's the thing that really irritates everybody with her. She is constantly sitting back and saying 'I'm beautiful,' and we don't care. We can say she's really busted up and this and that, and she says, 'Thank you, but I'm beautiful." That's fierce. That's fierce. She's like 'I don't care what you guys say about me. I know I'm fierce. I know I know I'm beautiful. I know I've got what it takes and I can be and I will be America’s Next Top Model. Point blank and period."

About Dionne, who got eliminated last week, he says "She wasn't one of my favorites. She --point blank-- was not one of my favorite girls until Tyra convinced me. Tyra saw something that I did not see and I think that's what makes the panel. We all see different things. .. Killer body, I just didn't see model….it’s not about the bone structure and cheekbones and to die for, it's about everything else that goes along with it. I mean if I see every beat up, broken down b#$%& on the street with high cheekbones and say you can be a model, that is not it. I've seen broke down girls, busted, broke down, tall, skinny and think they can be a model. No, you can't."

America’s Next Top Model’s season finale is tonight, May 16, on The CW.

-Mel, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: AOL Black Voices
Photo credit: The CW