'America's Next Top Model' Videos: The All-Stars Meet Their Makeovers, and Ashlee Simpson
'America's Next Top Model' Videos: The All-Stars Meet Their Makeovers, and Ashlee Simpson
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Brand. Brand, brand, braaaaand, BRAND!

You better get used to hearing that word if you're going to watch this cycle of America's Next Top Model, because the all-stars are getting it drilled into their heads -- and that means it's getting drilled into ours, too. Modeling is child's play. "Personal branding" is the name of the all-star game.

After embracing their "larger than life" personas in last night's premiere, next Wednesday, the all-stars will be asked to throw that out the window and "reinvent" themselves. You know what that means: It's TY-OVER time! Check out two clips from the next episode, with guest judge Ashlee Simpson:

Makeovers Preview: "I will leave. Or flip a table over. Whichever one." Before you watch, can you guess which agitated all-star says that about her makeover? (Well, I think it's about her makeover. But we'll have to wait until the episode to find out for sure.) Watch and find out:

Check out the all-stars' final photos from Week 2, featuring their makeovers! What do you think?

Clip: Guest Judge Ashlee Simpson announces "Ty-over" Time. Part of having a personal brand is reinventing yourself. At least that's what guest judge Ashlee Simpson, "actress, broadway star, fashion designer," would like the all-stars to think. Also: Check out Sheena's ensemble! That girl came prepared with some amazing jumpsuits this cycle.

Bonus Video: Tyra Teaches Conan How to SMIZE! Tyra gives her best tutorial, even if Conan doesn't have much of a future in modeling.

"Ashlee Simpson" airs Wednesday, September 21 at 9pm on the CW. Who do you think will have a makeover meltdown?

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