'America's Next Top Model' Sneak Peek: Hannah Gives Us the Rundown on the Final Four
'America's Next Top Model' Sneak Peek: Hannah Gives Us the Rundown on the Final Four
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This Wednesday, the Top Model Moroccan (mis)adventures continue, as the girls will learn a mysterious tray-balancing tradition (don't forget to buy some candles and a beaded bikini so you can practice along with them at home!) and take to the streets for their photo shoot.

At this point in the competition, each of the girls desperately wants to set herself apart from the pack. So in this sneak peek, Hannah does them each a favor and tells each girl what her niche is. Not that Alexandria (sobriety questionable...) agrees. WATCH:

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Model types can be so confusing! Like, "Girl next door," I understand. But "Stands for a lot more and has her reasons for this and wants to change the world one day," not so much.

Here's the preview for the episode, with more from the tray-balancing challenge.

One last thing: Thank you to the commenters last week who blew my mind in pointing out that Francesco Carrozzini, aka my boyfriend, is actually Franca Sozzani's son. I thought you guys were joking when you called her my future mother-in-law. I HAD NO IDEA. This changes EVERYTHING*!

*And by everything, I mean nothing, because he and I have never met and he is not actually my boyfriend and he owes me nothing and I am not literally insane but he is, in fact, very very pretty.

Speaking of last week: As soon as this season of Top Model is over, I'm recapping Life-Size. It. Is. ON!

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