'America's Next Top Model' Rejects Land Spots on International Vogue Pages
They may have joined America's Next Top Model, but they're definitely not limited to that.  Two contestants from past cycles of the series have gained international attention, far from their place of origin.  What's more, the work they snagged was on the renowned publication Vogue, which is saying a lot.  Tyra probably didn't foresee this when she eliminated them from the competition.

First off is Cycle 6's Mollie Sue Steenis-Gondi, who got kicked off the sixth episode of that year's America's Next Top Model.  She landed in the bottom two, due to her inability to exude attitude in her CoverGirl commercial shoot.

Her “lack of persona” hindered her from going further on the show, but that didn't stop her from appearing on the pages of this month's Russian Vogue.  Mollie Gondi worked with renowned fashion photographer Jem Mitchell for the photo shoot, and one of the photos can be seen below.  Despite being barely recognizable with all that bronze, she's surely developed that character the judges thought she didn't have.

Next is Katarzyna Dolinska from America's Next Top Model Cycle 10.  Though she was critiqued for being “too flat” in her photos, she managed to establish herself in the competition.  She took fifth place, but was booted out because she failed to make an impression on the judges.

Now that she's far from the watchful eyes of Tyra Banks, Katarzyna booked a shoot on April's Australian Vogue.  Called “Regal Bearing,” the photos of her are actually more eye-catching than what the CW show has produced.  Her career seems to be looking up, as she signed with Elite Model Management in June last year. 

Apparently, you don't have to win America's Next Top Model to make it big in the industry.  These girls are doing well for themselves, crossing boundaries and stealing the limelight from the actual ANTM winners.  Perhaps it really isn't so bad if you lose the competition; there's (apparently) plenty of work for models out there.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: New York Magazine
(Image Courtesy of Australian Vogue)