'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Does Rio Apologize for Going After Kyla?
'America's Next Top Model' Recap: Does Rio Apologize for Going After Kyla?
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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In this episode of America's Next Top Model, titled "Beauty is Social," Tyra gives the women tips on how to take a good selfie during a social media challenge, Rio continues to be the mean girl in the house and the models are covered in glitter and gold for a photo shoot.

The girls are starting to work on each other's nerves, which isn't surprising since they're together 24/7. Rio, who has already shown how nasty she can be, continues to be a hater, talking about some of the girls. (Ugly on the inside isn't pretty, Rio.) Rio has recently set her sights on Kyla, calling her stupid. (In Rio's defense, she thought she was doing it behind Kyla's back.) It also turns out that Kyla suffered a traumatic brain injury while playing volleyball in high school. Tyra really went out of her way to find competitors with tragic backstories.

Mean Girl

Rio does have one fan in the house: Jeana. Jeana doesn't believe that Rio would be intentionally mean and runs to tell her friend that other women are talking about her, particularly Kyla, Brendi, Sandra and Shanice. Rio denies the rude remark.

How to Rock a Selfie

It's time for the girls to learn all about how to take their brand to the next level using social media. Tyra's tired of people taking mirror selfies that are "so wrong." She wants to teach not just the girls but also the entire world how to do a mirror selfie the right way. 

Tyra's Tips

#SLAY -- So Look At Yourself (in the mirror): Make eye contact. Find the shot and look at yourself instead of into the camera.

#CIAO -- Crop It All Out: Keep the camera/phone out of the shot by cropping.

#DipItLow: Hold the camera low then tilt it up and away if you want a good body shot.

Tyra introduces the girls to Jourdan Dunn, who is a British model, designer and actress. She also happens to have 2 million Instagram followers.

Tyra informs the girls that they can earn good money taking selfies for companies. Their challenge is to create a social media ad. They can't appear to be trying too hard. They have to look calm and cool. The goal is to influence others to want to look like them. The winner will be posted on Jourdan's page.

The contestants have 20 minutes to pick out an outfit from Jordan's fashion line and take a fierce selfie using Tyra's tips. Several of the girls already have a large amount of followers, which is intimidating to those who don't, like Kyla and Erin.

Kyla fails to remember any of Tyra's tips, and Rio tells the camera that Kyla was mistaking left and right, stupid stuff that everybody knows. Rio is the stupid one. She denies calling Kyla stupid and says it over and over again on camera.

Jeana is the challenge winner.

Kyla decides to sit down with Rio to discuss her hurtful comments. Rio claims it was a simple misunderstanding, and Kyla's taking it the wrong way. (If you fall for that excuse, Kyla, you might be a little stupid.) They go back and forth, with Rio insisting that she's not a mean person, and Kyla insisting that she's not stupid. Rio refuses to be accountable for her actions. She just thinks Kyla is overreacting.

Thick is In

The women learn that they're going to be posing with men at the next photo shoot. But these aren't your garden-variety six-pack-ers. Rio comments that they'll be working with "fat-ass dudes." This doesn't sit well with Khrystyana, who is more voluptuous and very big into positive body image. She makes it clear that normal men are hot too, and Rio backpedals, insisting once again that she's just kidding and isn't an insensitive bitch. Kyla is frustrated that even after their conversation, Rio continues to be careless with her words.

The women arrive on the set of their photo shoot. Tyra introduces the girls to Zach Miko, a brawny male model she discovered while perusing the Internet. Tyra praises Zach for changing the world not just for male models but men everywhere. Sure, because guys really worry about having a dad bod and are held to the same standard of beauty as women. Let's not go crazy, TyTy.

There's only one Zach, and as the challenge winner, Jeana gets to pose with him. Since the other women need some thick men as well, they hold a casting call on the spot. A parade of shirtless guys follow, and the women pick three to participate in the shoot. Everyone's into it except for Rio, who does not think overweight guys are cute.

For the shoot, everyone is covered in gold from head to toe. The whole point of this exercise is to go for the unexpected. That's what gets shared on social media.

Khrystyana is still feeling vulnerable after admitting that she was molested as a child. This means she's not super comfortable with the idea of a man touching her in any way that could be construed as inappropriate. Her discomfort shows, and she struggles, even with tips from Tyra, who is the photographer.

Sandra feels like she has to bring it because she is a big social media girl. She's also Muslim, and she explains to the camera that she's not supposed to attract men. She's expecting a lot of negativity from Muslim people. Sandra also can't quite hit it, and Drew worries that she's plateaued.

Rio's ready to bring the heat, but she leaves Drew cold. Kyla thinks it's weird to see Rio struggle because she's usually so on top of her game, and Jeana's worried about her bestie in the house.

Judges' Panel

Jourdan sits in for Law, and she thinks that Jeana's body is "on point" and her face is "everything."

While Jourdan isn't a fan of Brendi's shot, Drew thinks she looks kind of cool.

Ashley loves the new angles that Shanice shows in her shot, and Tyra finds the picture stunning.

Jourdan and Ashley both think Khrystyana looks scared in her photo, and she reveals her concerns about inappropriate touching. Tyra is sympathetic, knowing her backstory and what she was up against, but Tyra still expects Khrystyana to deal with her inner demons and deliver.

Jourdan thinks everything about Erin's photo is breathtaking -- her best yet.

Drew tells Sandra that she has a signature look. She knows how to be pretty, but she hasn't really mastered a more editorial edge. Tyra doesn't see a high-fashion model.

Rio gets knocked down pretty quick by Drew, who says the male model outshines her in the photo. He tells her she's slipping in the competition, and Rio missed her moment.

The judges just love, love, love Kyla's photo. Tyra says that on set, Kyla rocked her world.

Kyla wins best photo. Sandra and Khrystyana are in the bottom two, and the judges send Sandra home.

Can Khrystyana work through her issues and get back on top? Will Rio's horrible attitude hold her back? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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