'America's Next Top Model' Recap: A Runway Challenge and a Mother of a Photo Shoot
'America's Next Top Model' Recap: A Runway Challenge and a Mother of a Photo Shoot
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
Jennifer Lind-Westbrook
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In this episode of America's Next Top Model, titled "Beauty is Los Angeles," the women get some runway walk coaching and compete in their first challenge, a photo shoot makes some of the contestants emotional, and the judges send one hopeful home.

The ladies are settling into the house, and there's some plotlines forming. Maggie, aka "White Homegirl," is offending a few of the other women with her "ghetto speak." Brendi K., 22, has family issues. They aren't supportive of her dream to become a model. She tells a few of the other girls that she's homeless, and at one point in her life, her mother wouldn't even give her money for tampons. Brendi's determined to prove to everyone in her hometown that she matters. This focus on Brendi and Maggie likely means that one or both will wind up on top or in the bottom two.

Walk the Line

The girls get their first Tyra mail, which gives them a hint about their challenge. Tyra uses the words "chill" and "glide," and the wannabe models all try to decipher what's in store for them next (ice skating, parasailing, hang gliding).

They arrive at Venice Beach Skate Park and are greeted by Stacey McKenzie, who is a former model-turned-runway coach who appeared in cycle 23. Stacey wants to see how the women walk. She offers up critiques, and Jeana gets major props, setting the bar high for everyone else. Ivana lacks confidence because of her curves and inexperience, and Liz is just a hot mess.

After their tutorial, the contestants learn that they'll be walking in a fashion show for Baja East. The twist is that the girls will have to navigate a thin strip of concrete while skateboarders carve, flip and trick all around them, meaning the girls will have to stay focused.

Law shows up with the Baja East designers, so they can all prep the girls. Stacey senses that Ivana lacks confidence, and Ivana admits that she tends to be a perfectionist (another possible bottom two contender).

As the ladies get ready to walk, Stacey informs them that the winner of the challenge will be working the runway for Baja East at New York Fashion Week. 

The girls do their thing, and after the challenge, Law and Stacey point out who ruled the runway and who failed to impress. Brendi and Ivana both missed their marks, while Coura, Jeana and Khrystyana all get high marks for their performances. The winner of the challenge is Khrystyana, who is both curvy and over 30. 

The girls head back to the mansion, where they get a lecture from Brendi about putting half-eaten fruit back in the fridge. She's never had the luxury of someone cleaning up after her. Christina chalks up Brendi's tantrum on the fact that she performed poorly in the challenge. 


With the challenge under their belts, it's time for the women to do a photo shoot. Drew discusses the baby boom in Hollywood and how pregnant celebrities are showcasing their baby bumps. The women learn that they'll be transformed into bohemian baby mamas, and they'll be posing preggers. Their inspiration is to glow just like Blac Chyna did on the cover of Paper magazine. (This is the standard they should aspire to?) They're even being photographed by the same photographer, Charlotte Rutherford. 

This shoot proves tough for Rhiyan, who was told by doctors several years ago that she might not be able to conceive a child. She pushes her emotions aside and does well.

Drew isn't impressed with Maggie. He feels she's fake and putting on a front, and he thinks it's rude and just doesn't work.

Erin has an advantage since she's actually been pregnant, but the whole set-up is making her emotional because she never took a photo like this with her own kids, and she's a bit homesick. She uses her children as her inspiration.

The baby bump is a touchy subject for Brendi as well. She reveals to the camera that she had a physically abusive ex who caused her to have a miscarriage when she was 18. 

The women worry about the upcoming panel. Brendi knows she didn't perform well during the challenge and the photo shoot.

Judges' Panel

It's time to decide who is next-level fierce and who's going home. Tyra starts out with a disclaimer that she doesn't condone any sort of teen pregnancy (which doesn't matter since none of these girls are teenagers).

Tyra reminds the women of what's at stake for the winner. She'll be featured in a fashion spread for Paper magazine, receive a modeling contract with Next Management, get her own avatar in the ANTM mobile game and pocket $100,000.

The judges love Khrystyana's photo, but Law is not a fan of her outfit and warns her that she needs to step up her game for the next panel. 

Rhiyan reveals her reproductive issues to the judges. Tyra recalls her own struggles to conceive and reassures Rhiyan that there's hope. Rhiyan gets praise for her fierce face, but Ashley says Rhiyan needs more practice before the next shoot.

The judges go ga-ga for Rhio, and Drew reveals how much he loved working with her.

Liz continues to be whacky at panel, which the judges find amusing, though I'm not sure how much longer her kookiness will work in her favor. Drew wants Liz to bring more personality to the set, and Tyra tries to help Liz distinguish between being "crazy" and "crazy like a fox."

Tyra and Law aren't fans of Kyla's photo at all. Law says it's the type of picture that would go on a refrigerator as opposed to going viral. 

Ashley feels the emotion in Jeana's photo, and Tyra informs Jeana that her mama is already a fan of the petit frontrunner.

Law comments that Erin's photo makes him want to get pregnant, and Tyra thinks that the woman looks like a celebrity model. 

Liberty gets a thumbs-up all the way around.

Ashley thinks Sandra should have used being a virgin to her advantage, stating that the woman looks older in the photo than in person. Tyra wonders if Sandra is just an Instagram girl and isn't confident she can break through.

Ashley doesn't see confidence in Shanice's photo.

Drew doesn't like any of Brendi's photos, and Law thinks the final product is the worst of the bunch. Tyra finds Brendi to be too stiff.

Law is very harsh in his criticism of Christina, stating that he doesn't see the girl who stood in front of him giving him all that lip upon their initial meeting; her face is weak. Tyra is obsessed with the photo, as is Drew.

Drew thinks Coura is stunning but wants her to find her personality. Coura needs courage.

Drew is confused by Maggie's dual personality. Sometimes, she's all street and other times she's white picket fences. Maggie tries to defend herself by pointing out that she's moved around and been exposed to different kinds of people, but that excuse doesn't fly with the judges. Drew just wants her to be true to herself. Tyra and Law worry that Maggie may not be high fashion enough.

Drew wants Ivana to use her body as part of her brand. Ashley stresses that women like her and Ivana need to work harder because of their size. 

The time comes for the judges to deliberate. There are tears from the girls as they process the judges' criticisms. 

Coura gets best photo, and Rio is the runner-up. Brendi and Maggie are the bottom two, with Maggie being eliminated.

Was the pregnancy theme weird for a photo shoot? Can Brendi rise to the top? Who's your favorite? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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