'America's Next Top Model' Preview Video: Take My Photo, Tyra!
'America's Next Top Model' Preview Video: Take My Photo, Tyra!
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
On next Wednesday's episode of America's Next Top Model, the 10 remaining models head to a photo studio, where they are presented with a very tall gift with a sign that says: "Pull here."

To see what happens next, watch the preview video below for episode 5, "Take My Photo, Tyra!"

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And quick! Make your BuddyTV Fantasy TV picks for Wednesday's episode. The winner of our league wins a sweet new digital camera!

Tell me in the comments: which model do you think SHOULD go home next week? And (an entirely different question) which model do you think WILL go home next week?

-Meghan Carlson, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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