America's Next Top Model: Miss J Shares Thoughts on New Book "Follow the Model"
Now that Andre Leon Talley is taking over Miss J's spot on the judging panel for America's Next Top Model Cycle 14, the runway coach has more time on his hands.  He recently came up with a new book titled "Follow the Model: Miss J's Guide to Unleashing Presence, Poise and Power."

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Talking to PopEater about the tome, he echoes the usual Tyra Banks maxims.  "Basically, you can do anything you want without having to be beautiful," Miss J. Alexander declared.  "Whether you're black, white, blue, green or purple, too fat, too skinny.  Love yourself on the inside and you can do almost anything on the outside."

While we've heard all that before, there's something extra in the book.  On "Follow the Model," Miss J gives out her thoughts on style and fashion.

He's already gained credit by being an America's Next Top Model staple, so it's no surprise he has earned quite a fan base.  His advice is definitely worth listening to when it comes to developing one's beauty.  That is, especially when you treat every street as your personal runway.

"I also give style tips like how to wear high heels," J. Alexander went on.  "I say put them on your feet and walk your dog around the block, do the laundry, so your feet become comfortable with that foreign object."

He also discussed the new season of America's Next Top Model, as well as Andre Leon Talley's participation on the show.  While that lessened his responsibilities, Miss J still remains essential when it comes to educating the girls.

"Andre Leon Talley from Vogue is on the panel," he said.  "I've moved back down to mentoring the girls."

But the only tip he really has for those hoping to make it big in the modeling industry is a basic one.  Anybody can do it, as long as they have faith and believe they can.

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"Confidence in yourself," Miss J pointed out.  "People are going to say you can't do things.  You own your own."

Source: Pop Eater
(Image Courtesy of WENN)