America's Next Top Model: Episode 11.9 Recap
On tonight's episode of America's Next Top Model, Elina and Marjorie separate themselves from the other girls in the house when they continue to blame their issues on being immigrants.  The other girls in the house don't seem to understand and feel like the two have had a sufficient amount of time to adjust to the American way of life.  However, it was time to put their differences aside when the models had to meet up with Ron and Richard Harris, the aswirl twins, who first appeared on the show in cycle 6.  The brothers give the models a lesson in how to sell a garment for a designer.  Afterwards, the girls are surprised by James St. James, a personal stylist/aurthor, who lets them know that they'll perform in an avant garde fashion show for Nony Tochterman.

The models must dress in green bodysuits with Nony's garments over them.  The green suits will make the models disappear when they walk in front of the curtain.  This means that the models will have stop relying on their pretty faces and use their body to sell that garment.  Ann Shoket, of Seventeen magazine, is on hand to let them know that the model who wins will pose in a holiday spread for the mag.  Afterwards, Ann names Elina the winner and she gets to choose two friends, picking Marjorie and Analeigh.

Back at the house, tensions spill over between Marjorie, Elina, and the other girls in the house.  Sheena calls Elina a hypocrite for posing in a holiday spread when she is an Atheist who doesn't believe in holidays.  The following morning, there is a whole lot of silent treatment in the Top Model house.  Despite being sick, Joslyn heads to film her Cover Girl commercial along with the other girls and cycle 10 winner Whitney Thompson was on hand to help prepare the girls.  Because previous contestants have struggled in the past with the memorization of lines, the cycle 11 girls are given a teleprompter.

At panel, Tyra pulls out a pair of clogs and tells the girls that they'll first have to prove that they can walk in anything.  While most of the girls pull it off as well as they could, Samantha struggles, even falling over at one point.  Tyra then reveals that the models who make it through tonight's panel will be headed to Amsterdam and mayhem ensues with the Harris twins twirling around in costumes while the girls jump up and down, screaming.

The judges like the performances in the Cover Girl commercials from Analeigh (which Tyra calls the best commercial in the history of the show) and Sheena while Samantha, Marjorie, Joslyn, McKey, and Elina fail to impress.  After deliberating with the other judges, Tyra calls out the names of the girls who will move on to Amsterdam.  They are: Analeigh, Sheena, Samantha, Marjorie, McKey, and Elina.  Joslyn is eliminated from the competition and will talk to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview this week.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CW)