'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Episode 2 Live Thoughts
I'm back!  Woah, there was so much to talk about in the first hour of America's Next Top Model that I need to start a whole new article for the second hour.  In the first hour, the girls headed to the Top Model Institute of Technology where they competed in photo shoots and runway walks.  They were narrowed down to 20 and then to the final 14.  Among this season's contestants are: transgendered model Isis, the season's villain Clark, athlete Brittany S., activist Elina, and small town girl Hannah.  Stay with us for the second hour of Top Model.  Keep refreshing and let us know what you think about this season's crop of aspiring models!

Okay so two of the Brittanys (or Brittney) have to change their names so it's not so confusing.  Tyra's orders.  Brittany S. is now McKey.  I don't know who the other one is yet.

The girls move into their new house and it is nice.  A lot of them are alienating Isis and saying ignorant things, which is obnoxious.  So far, it seems Sheena and Brittany S. are on her side the most.

The models are brought to a magic castle, which will have something to do with their photo shoot.  I hate magicians.  Ooh, but Nigel Barker is there.  Okay, this place just got classed up a bit.  The entire judging panel is there to meet the 14 contestants and make a good first impression.  Oh thank God, the Jays fixed their hair.  It's normal again.  For them.

Brittany B. changed her name to ShaRaun, or something like that.  So many of these girls are being fake.

Man, these models are getting the royal treatment.  They each just got a gift bag that had model basics like a little black dress and skinny jeans.  They'll have no excuse for looking sloppy at panel now, will they?  Their photo shoot brings attention to young people voting.  Jay said he wants to show that voting is sexy.  That made me laugh a little.  Voting is a lot of things.  Sexy probably isn't one of them.

The girls are so rude to Isis, it's angering.  Sheena can't seem to do a pose without looking like a stripper.  Elina's shoot is my favorite so far. 

At panel, the judges tells Sheena that she doesn't need to do everything in such a sexual way.  Tyra loved the way Isis told her story in her photo, which was all about privacy.  Compliments also went to McKey and Elina.

Here are the names called out and the first model called each week is displayed in the house as digital art.  Marjorie is called first and she'll be on display all week.  Isis is next followed by McKey, Joslyn, Elina, Samantha, Brittney, Sheena, Analeigh, Clark, Lauren Brie, and Hannah.  That leaves Nikeysha and ShaRaun in the bottom two.

Sharaun's attitude got the best of her and she is the first one to be sent home.  Tomorrow, she'll talk to BuddyTV in an exclusive interview.  Don't miss it!

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- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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