America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.12, "The Girls Go To The Great Wall" Recap
On tonight's episode of America's Next Top Model, the final four models make the move from Shanghai to Beijing.  They receive a tour of the city and Miss J and Twiggy meet up with them along the way.  They give the four girls a lesson in Chinese fashion throughout history.  The girls will have to take the dresses, modernize them, and walk in a runway competition.  While shopping for accessories for the competition, Bianca attempts to sabotage Jenah by sending her in the wrong direction to shop.

Ann Shoket, the editor-in-chief of Seventeen magazine, judges the walkoff.  Jenah is named the winner and for her prize, receives a Chinese couture dress made especially for her.  She chooses Chantal for the prize as well and the two get a private runway lesson with Miss J.  It is the first time in Top Model history that contestants have received one-on-one time with the runway expert.

For their photo shoot, the girls travel to The Great Wall where Jay meets up with them and introduces their special photographer: Tyra.  They will be portraying warriors in honor of the people who used The Great Wall to defend themselves against invaders.  It seems that all the girls do a good job in their shoots, though Tyra and Jay really seemed to be a fan of the work Saleisha did.  The girls finished the day taking a picture together so the judges can see who stands out.

At judging, Chantal and Saleisha get positive feedback from the judges while Bianca and Jenah get some criticism.  Tyra tells Jenah that she doesn't remember the photo shoot and feels she is losing herself in this competition.  Bianca did not make enough contact with the camera and also came across as very stiff in her photo.  When the group photo is looked at, each judge has a different favorite model for different reasons.  Twiggy felt Jenah's intensity, Nigel thought it was Chantal's best photo to date, Ann felt Saleisha held the center of the photo, and Tyra thought Bianca had a dominating male persona.

Tyra calls Chantal first, giving her the photo at The Great Wall as well as the group photo, feeling that she gave the best performance.  Saleisha is called next, which leaves Bianca and Jenah in the bottom two.  In the end, Tyra decided to give Jenah another chance, thinking that homesickness got the best of her this week.  Bianca is eliminated but not before Tyra offers her a few words of encouragement. 

Bianca will be talking to BuddyTV this week.  Don't miss out on hearing what the outspoken model has to say!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

(Image courtesy of CW)