America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.4, "The Girl Who Goes Bald" Live Thoughts
Nobody loves a good makeover episode more than me.  Someone is always crying or whining about their new look.  I'm sure her extensions hurt, but if I had to hear Brittany cry one more time last year about it, I was going to lose it.  Tonight on America's Next Top Model, someone goes bald and I can't imagine what her reaction will be.  Nobody here seems like a Nnenna or a Jade, somebody comfortable enough to rock short, short hair ... or no hair!  Let's find out who it is.  I'm here for the next hour doing live thoughts so comment away!

Can Victoria talk to people in a way that doesn't make them feel inferior?  She just shot down Lisa for ... well, basically no reason.  Did Janet just call Saleisha "Girrrrrl..."? 

The models scream over the thought of getting a makeover and worry what their new looks will be.  C'mon, don't you know by now they're going to go extreme with these things?  So far, it seems lots of girls are losing their hair though Brittany is getting a Beyonce makeover.  Where's the girl who goes bald? 

Sarah looks amazing!  That short, blonde hair rocks.  Victoria looks like the same, but a little step up.  Poor Ebony.  That hair was ROUGH that she had on.  They didn't change Heather's look much but she still looks great.  I can't decide if I like Janet's hair darker or the way it was.  Ambreal's hair is super short and super sexy.  Not gonna lie, don't love Jenah's blonde hair. 

Bianca's hair won't go blonde and right now, they can't do anything with it.  Is she the one to get rid of it all?  Indeed she is and tears well up when Jay tells her that she'll have to cut it all off, wear medical wigs in photo shoots, and let her hair grow back so it can be healthy.  The other models grab a front row seat with an unsympathetic Miss J. wipes her tears.  Nearby, Chantal flaunts her beautiful blonde hair.  Real nice.

Bianca's crazy.  She looks SO MUCH BETTER with her hair off.  It'll probably be the thing that keeps her around for longer than maybe she would have with that purple hair. 

The girls head to the fashion district for a makeup challenge.  Commercial for CoverGirl.  Models in robes are running everywhere, throwing on makeup, grabbing outfits, and heading back to be judged.  AH!  Jenah's makeup.  No.  Sarah is the winner, dethroning the challenge queen, Saleisha.

Time for a photo shoot where the girls are dressed in flowers.. and pretty much, nothing else.  Chantal gets to be baby's breath while Heather gets to be weeds.  Who wants to be weeds?  Lisa has that problem that lots of girls go through on the show, giving the same face in every photo.  Jenah looks awesome as moss.  Whoever though moss could look good?   

Anybody else notice Saleisha looks like Left Eye from TLC?  Or just me?

Time for judging.  Victoria talks back to Twiggy for a third time in a row.  I can't take it!  Sarah's picture goes over great but Saleisha's disappoints.  It's definitely not her best work.  I am just not a fan of Jenah's new look but her picture is fabulous.  I'm still blown away by Heather's photos.  Chantal fails to bring emotion in her face and says her shoot was difficult. 

The judges will deliberate.  I expect Victoria to be in the bottom two but I don't know who will be with her.

Jenah is called first followed by Sarah, who I expected to get called early.  That picture was unbelievable.  Lisa gets called next, as well as Janet, Ambreal, Ebony, and Bianca.  Chantal is called last leaving Saleisha and Victoria in the bottom two.  Tyra chooses Saleisha and eliminates Victoria. 

Later this week, Victoria will talk to BuddyTV about her time on America's Next Top Model.  Don't miss it!

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
(Image courtesy of CW)