America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.3 Best and Worst Photos
It's our second week, and our second chance to see our new crop of modelettes on America's Next Top Model in action in the photo shoots.

Once again, it's a surprisingly solid showing from the group overall, but it's not the point of this particular article to pat everyone on the back and tell them they did a good job. Nope, we have to pick some favorites and then we have to shake our heads disapprovingly at others as we determine the Best and Worst photos of this week.

Now keep in mind that this assessment is based solely on the photo, not the personality of the girl. We're not interested in the total package for this review, just the packaging itself. Sometimes the girl that is the least likable can take the best photographs…although that clearly wasn't the case this week.

But that's getting ahead of things. First, the Best!


Jenah. There's really not that much to say except this is an all-around great shot. While some of the other girls nailed dramatic body language (Saleisha) and others had great intensity in the face (Heather), Jenah has both. Her body language and her face are simple but dynamic. Excellent.

Victoria. Like my pick of Sarah last week, I'm not sure if this is one folks will agree with, but I just love how weird this picture is. Her body is awkward, but it works (it's the “model pretzel” as Tyra informed us).  I love the way her face is partially hidden behind her shoulder; it matches the doe-eyed look she is giving. This is a photo that tells a story, where the whole is more than the sum of its parts. I wish Victoria wasn't so eager to prove how smart she is all the time, because the interesting choices she is making in her photos say enough.

I put Sarah's photo in this article as well at the very top. I don't think her face is as strong as it could be, but I love love love her body language. She gets an honorable mention, and is quickly becoming one of my bittersweet favorites. Bittersweet because, like Brittany Hatch of last cycle of America's Next Top Model, I love to see her photos, but I suspect there's not a chance she's going to make it past say…the final four, if that. I hope I'm wrong!


So Kimberly, the modelette sent home, really did have one of the weakest photos.  Tyra liked Bianca's photo, and I know Tyra knows more than I do about fashion...but Tyra, you're crazy. I don't mind an angry shot, but this is not a good one.

Our commenters have made it clear they don't like Bianca. I'm the kind of viewer who will start to secretly love the trouble-makers (mainly because they are usually the most entertaining, plus I love to root for the underdog). So I am hoping she can make some improvements. Maybe the America's Next Top Model make-over will help; I think the fuschia hair is holding her back.

I had an honorable mention for the Best, so I have to have a dishonorable mention for the Worst.


Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. Last week you put your leg into an awkwardly high position and I rewarded you for it with a vote for the Best. But to follow it up with another the next week? This one doesn't work. Not fashion. You're still one of the best faces and bodies in this competition. Get back on track, young lady!

So what do you think? Whose photos did you like the best or the least? No fair taking personality into account! This is a purely superficial exercise!

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Images courtesy of CW)