America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.3, "The Girls Go Rock Climbing" Recap
On tonight's episode of America's Next Top Model, the girls get a crazy lesson on their runway walk.  Bianca makes another enemy in the house.  For their challenge, one girl wins a trip to Paris to walk in a couture fashion show.  The models go rock climbing for their photo shoot and another model is eliminated.

The girls seemed to be more open to Heather this week and many helped by giving her a makeover and choosing outfits for her, while at the mansion, waiting for their next Tyra mail.  They head to meet with Miss J. Alexander, who has them practice their runway walk while wearing straitjackets.  Saleisha and Janet both did very well while others struggled.

For their challenge, there is a big prize up for grabs.  The girls modeled couture dresses and the winner would get to travel to Paris to walk a runway show.  Ebony is called out for intentionally crashing into Sarah during the challenge, but she says it was an accident.  It seemed like it was going to come down to Saleisha or Janet and in the end, Saleisha was the winner and will head to Paris once the show wraps.

At the photo shoot, the girls go rock climbing.  Despite Lisa's fear of heights, she pulls off some great pictures.  Heather, Jenah, Victoria, and Saleisha get creative during their time with the camera.  Bianca, Ebony, and Kimberly seem to struggle with ideas and connecting with the camera. 

Back at the house, after an argument between Bianca and Saleisha erupted earlier in the episode, the two put their differences aside and spend some time with Heather.  At judging, we found out that Heather is an artist.  The judges compliment her eyes in her photograph and she says that when she draws, the eyes are her main focus.  A few sketches are shown and we were able to see the talent she has for drawing.  She was also the Cover Girl of the Week, as voted by the fans.

Victoria took an attitude with Twiggy for the second week in a row.  Last week, she cut her off when she was called self conscious.  This week, she questioned Twiggy after being called unusual.  Despite that, she was called by Tyra to stay in the competition.  Jenah was called first followed by Heather, Lisa, Chantal, Sarah, Ambreal, Victoria, Saleisha, Janet, and Ebony in that order.  Bianca and Kimberly were left in the final two and Tyra chose to eliminate Kimberly and send her home.

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- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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