America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.3, "The Girls Go Rock Climbing" Live Thoughts
On last week's episode of America's Next Top Model, the models move into their mansion and Heather feels isolated from the rest of the girls.  The girls compete to put together an outfit from Old Navy for judging.  For their photo shoot, the girls do a before/after picture of the effects of smoking.  Mila was eliminated for laughing during her shoot as well as the judges' opinion that she didn't absorb their constructive criticism.

Who will be the next to go?  I'll be here through the hour with live thoughts and feel free to post your thoughts, too!

Watching that footage back of last week and the girls being rude to Heather still makes my blood boil.  Sometimes, I wonder if the girls have anything else to do besides strut around the mansion, practicing their runway walks.  Bianca intentionally gives the girls bad feedback to try to sabotage them.  Yeah, I don't like her.  Yay for Saleisha, who helps Heather with a makeover, along with some other girls. 

The models wonder if they're getting makeovers today.  Man, I hope so!  Instead, they head to a horror house.  Miss J. is equally amazing and ridiculous at the same time, dressed up like a nurse.  Straitjackets?  I'm too claustrophobic for that.  Let's play a game called: Who has a bigger ego?  Jenah or Victoria?  Talk amongst yourselves.  Not gonna lie, I'm happy that Bianca didn't do well but Saleisha and Janet did. 

Kimberly's intimidated that Saleisha has worked before.  No need.  Lots of girls have done well without prior experience.  Ok, I liked Saleisha until right now.  She just got knocked down a few notches.  Isn't it funny how the drama queen from day one, Ebony, hasn't been involved in ANYTHING?  Does Bianca think that she's going to work with the way she behaves and with that mouth?  I don't think she'll be around much longer.

Tyra mail!  Tyra mail!  The winner of their challenge today gets to go to Paris.  Wow, that's a huge prize.  HUGE!  Let the runway showdown begin.  Some of these girls still need Miss J. for some runway lessons.  Ebony struts her stuff and looks good but smashes into Sarah on her way out.  Catty.  I'm calling that it's between her, Saleisha, or Janet.

I'm good.  Saleisha wins and is going to Paris!

he models are going rock climbing for tonight's photo shoot.  Man, this means that the makeover isn't coming for at least another week.  Boo.  She might be afraid of heights but Lisa works it out in her shoot.  Janet isn't doing it for me.  Saleisha, why don't you mention your modeling background again?  While you're at it, Victoria can continue to mention that she goes to Yale. 

Ambreal is doing an awesome job and I really like her.  Chantal seems awkward and all over the place.  Once again, Ebony doesn't bring it and I think she might be in the bottom again.  They breeze right past Sarah but it seemed okay.  I love Kimberly, she's so sweet.  I hope she can let go of her inhibitions.  Jenah looks great.  Heather does amazing, she should get called in one of the first few at judging.

Bianca and Saleisha team up and spend some time with Heather.  Okay, good, a softer side to Bianca.

Tyra is doing a god awful accent.  I assume it's French but it's really bad.  Time for judging.  Heather's an artist, who knew?  Her sketches are cool and her photo from the shoot is great.  Ebony's legs are crazy, they're like nine feet long.  Kimberly fails to impress and Nigel makes a good point.  She's better in person than on film.  Lisa's got a NICE photo.  Saleisha does well but Tyra tells her to fight her girl next door image.  If only that was our biggest problem in life!

Ick, Victoria.  So not warm and friendly.  Twiggy calls her unusual and she wants to know what it is that's so unusual about her.  YAY!  Heather is the CoverGirl of the week. 

As we find out who's staying and who's going, I think I might like Jenah's photo the best or maybe Janet's.  Glad the judges notice that Victoria has been snippy with Twiggy the last two weeks.

Not surprised.  Jenah is called first, then Heather, Lisa, Chantal, and Sarah.  Tyra calls Ambreal next, followed by Victoria, Saleisha, Janet, and Ebony.  That leaves Bianca and Kimberly in the bottom two.  I think it's Bianca but we'll see.

Bianca is saved and Kimberly is eliminated.  Not gonna lie, I'm a little surprised. 

Make sure you check back on Friday as we'll be talking to Kimberly about her time on America's Next Top Model.

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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