America's Next Top Model: Episode 9.3 Who Should Go Home?
It isn't easy being Tyra Banks. Or Nigel Barker or Miss J. Alexander or Twiggy, the other judges on America's Next Top Model. It's not easy to look at the “beautiful girls who stand before” her and decide which one "must immediately return to the house, pack her belongings and go home.”

I understand Tyra's pain because I have now lived through it. It's one thing for me to make weekly picks for Best and Worst Photos; it's specific and limited. But to look at the whole package and try to determine which girl has the right look, personality and skills to continue in hopes of becoming America's Next Top Model? It's deceptively difficult.

Other than Mila, who was shown the door last episode, no one is yet standing out to me as clearly the girl to go home. Sure, Ebony took a bad photo, but she's so stunning and she's already become an interesting “character” in the show. Let's not forget this is still a reality show, and how much drama you can create counts.

Bianca also took a bad photo, but she also is far too entertaining to send home this early.

Nigel found Jenah's personality lacking, but she has an interesting look that I suspect the judges will want to see more of. Also, don't forget that she's just been informed she will be quitting smoking cold turkey. Now there's some potential for drama. These girls are already irritable piled on top of each other in the house, can you imagine adding nicotine withdrawal to that? Somebody's gonna get cut!

So after working through the list, I've come up with three girls that, if I were Tyra, I would be looking to consider sending home from America's Next Top Model, all for various reasons. Of course, one or all of them will probably have the best shoot ever this week and prove me dead wrong.

First off: Kimberly. I liked her photo, but it wasn't spectacular. In person, she isn't quite as stunning as she can appear in pictures. But most importantly, the way she talked about Heather was very off-putting. She was not, of course, the only one ostracizing Heather, but her self-righteousness at explaining why was quite ugly.

Second, Janet. Her photo was also gorgeous, but as the judges commented, she just doesn't have the look in person that shouts “Model!” as some of the other girls too.

Last, Chantal. Why Chantal? To explain that, I have to drop some science. No, like actual science.

Studies have actually shown that highly symmetrical people are generally perceived to be more beautiful and sexually appealing. (They apparently smell better too, with the opposite sex finding the scent of symmetrical people more appealing, but that's really neither here nor there for our purposes.)

With that in mind, I have to put Ms. Chantal on the list. Nigel might have said she was “too perfect,” but he might want to look a little more closely.

Rich Juzwiak, who writes about America's Next Top Model on his FourFour blog and who is to the show what Hemingway was to bullfighting and fishing, put together this animated photo. Guess which one of the shots is altered, and which is actually her eye in its natural position.

The below image is the unaltered image.  This is how her eyes actually appear.

Now, this didn't hold her back from taking a lovely photograph in the first episode, but will her asymmetry eventually hold her back? Imagine something like the straight-on Yoanna House helmet photo. Would that kind of photo work as well if the model was not so marvelously symmetrical? You might think I'm splitting hairs, but what the heck else are you supposed to do with a model? Millimeters count.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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