'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 15 Videos: Meet the Models!
'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 15 Videos: Meet the Models!
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Here they are!

The CW has released introduction videos for the 14 aspiring models who will compete for the title of America's Next Top Model when Tyra and her crew of fashion tyrants return for cycle 15 on Wednesday, September 8.

Like any ANTM cycle, this group is full of serious competitors and lots of wacky characters. But this time around, each girl needs to prove just how "high-fashion" her look is, thanks to this cycle's brand new, career-launching prize: A contract with IMG Models, one of the top international modeling management companies in the world, and a fashion spread in Vogue Italia (plus the standard $100,000 contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics).

Cycle 15 also includes even more drama thanks to the fact that two of the aspiring models are sisters. Terra and Chris are bringing their own sibling rivalry to America's Next Top Model.

Check out the models and hear what they've got to offer Tyra, in their own words.

Meet Anamaria, 18, from Astoria, Queens, NY.
Occupation: Unemployed
Height: 5'10"
Favorite Designer: Alexander Wang
Favorite Shoe: boot
Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: myself
Would Never Wear: gangstah clothing
 If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: my boyfriend
Memorable quote: "I don't have any hiddenness of me. I'm blunt."

Meet Ann, 19, from Dallas, TX.
Height: 6'2"
Occupation: Student
Favorite Designer: Betsey Johnson
Favorite Shoe: flats
Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: eyeliner
Would Never Wear: holiday sweaters
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: satellite phone
Memorable quote: "I like to dress Gothic. Gothic Lolita kind of stuff."

Meet Chelsey, 22, from Boise, ID.
Height: 5'10.75"
Occupation: Waitress
Favorite Designer: Karl Lagerfield
Favorite Shoe: ankle boots (high heel, of course)
Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: mascara
Would Never Wear: high water bell bottoms
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: sunscreen
Memorable quote: "There's no modeling industry in Boise. Well, they try to think there is, but there's not. Sorry, Idaho."

Meet Kayla, 19, from Rockford, IL.
Height: 5'9"
Occupation: Waitress
Favorite Designer: Stella McCartney
Favorite Shoe: high heels
Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: music
Would Never Wear: over-alls
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: cell phone
Memorable quote: "I did little runway shows in Chicago. Nothing major, just little night clubs and stuff. But if I can handle night club energy, I think I can handle this energy."

Meet Kacey, 20, from Palmdale, CA.
Height: 5'9"
Occupation: Dance Teacher
Favorite Designer: Rocco Barocco
Favorite Shoe: boots
Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: Tancho wax stick, razor
Would Never Wear: pleather catwoman suit
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: my hot comb
Memorable quote: "I think they'll be surprised to know how really down to earth I am. On first impression people see me as cocky, bitchy, stand-offish, and it's really funny because it's like, dang, c'mon guys, I'm not like that."

Meet Kendal, 23, from Northport, AL.

Height: 5'11"
Occupation: Unemployed
Favorite Designer: Versace
Favorite Shoe: a comfortable one
Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: my man
Would Never Wear: animal print
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: cell phone
Memorable quote: "I was born to model. I don't want to do nothing else in the world but model."

Meet Lexie, 18, from Geneva, IL.
Height: 6'
Occupation: Unemployed
Favorite Designer: Marc Jacobs
Favorite Shoe: Toms
Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: Vaseline (sounds weird but it is helpful!)
Would Never Wear: hammer pants
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: my best friend
Memorable quote: "I can technically join MENSA if I'd like to, my IQ is high enough. But you can't really tell from having conversations with me. [...] I also used to be a professional artist. I sold my artwork. And I was also a nationally ranked high jumper."

Meet Liz, 21, from Arlington, TX.
Height: 5'10"
Occupation: Shoe Sales Rep
Favorite Designer: Kimora Lee Simmons
Favorite Shoe: 5" black leather pumps with buckles and straps
Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: my eyebrow and/or nose piercing
Would Never Wear: granny panties
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: my car!
Memorable quote: "I had a tough past. I'm a single mother. I'm working two jobs. Full-time school. I have a boyfriend now, we're trying to make it work, trying to get married eventually. I've got a lot of stuff on my plate. I actually just turned 21 ... I feel 37."

Meet Rhianna, 20, from San Diego, CA.

Height: 6'1.5"
Occupation: World explorin', dance feverin', people lovin', wild child!
Favorite Designer: Viktor & Rolf, Prada, Zac Posen
Favorite Shoe: whatever it is, its high as hell!
Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: my imagination
Would Never Wear: cheap clothes
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: magic
Memorable quote: "I'm 6'1'' and a half. I thought I was 5'11'' for like the past three years."

Meet Terra, 24, from Arlington, TX.

Height: 5'8.5"
Occupation: Unemployed
Favorite Designer: Alexander McQueen
Favorite Shoe: Converse
Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: energy drink
Would Never Wear: I have a unique style so I pretty much wear anything.
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: cell phone
Memorable quote: "I'm a tomboy. ... Anything that's active, I'll get out there and do it. Since I could remember, I was out on the streets knocking guys over."

Meet Terra's sister Chris, 20, also from Arlington, TX.

Height: 5'10.5"
Memorable quote: "Look at me. Why shouldn't I try out? Dammit, I fit. I'm supposed to win this competition. [...] If it comes down to me and my sister in the end, she's going home. She knows she's going home. Mama, tell her I said hey because she's coming right home to you."

Meet Sara, 21, from Menifee, CA.

Height: 5'10"
Occupation: Mother
Favorite Designer: Proenza Schouler
Favorite Shoe: flip flops
Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: lip gloss
Would Never Wear: my grandma's clothing
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: Diet Coke
Memorable quote: "I think viewers would be surprised to learn that I'm a mother. I have a 14-month old boy named Kaiden. The love of my life."

Meet Esther, 18, from Boston, MA.

Height: 5'9"
Occupation: Student
Favorite Designer: Oscar de la Renta, Missoni, Marc Jacobs
Favorite Shoe: slippers
Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: sweater (the air conditioning is always on and I'm freezing)
Would Never Wear: hot pants
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: food!
Memorable quote: "It's always kind of hard to be the gangly one when everyone else is normal height. When I play sports I'm like flopping everywhere."

Meet Jane, 19, from Baltimore, MD.

Height: 5'9"
Occupation: Student
Favorite Designer: Ralph Lauren
Favorite Shoe: sandals
Must-Have Photo Shoot Accessory: coffee
Would Never Wear: Duke basketball jersey
If Trapped On An Island, Would Bring: books
Memorable quote: "I practiced, but it's kind of hard to practice when you don't know what you're doing. I Youtubed how to do it."

The America's Next Top Model competitors for Cycle 15, everybody.

Tell me: Who's your early favorite to take it all the way? And are you as excited as I am to have another sister-duo duke it out on screen?

(Images courtesy of the CW)