America's Next Top Model: Cycle 6's Joanie Dodds Talks 'Run My Renovation'
We're having one of those off days on America's Next Top Model since the show really isn't on air.  So what better way to spend those scouring the Web for news on former contestants?

We discovered that Cycle 6 runner-up Joanie Dodds is co-hosting a home-improvement series on the DIY network, titled Run My Renovation.  She may not be using up all her Tyra-infused know-how on the series, but at least we get to see more of her.

"We just started filming, so it won't be on TV until like January or so," Dodds told the Times Online.  The series apparently films in Knoxville, Tennessee and is an interior decorating show with a twist.  Run My Renovation allows online users to vote on the transformations one room will undergo.

The interactive series definitely is a big step for Joanie Dodds, since we've hardly heard a thing from her.  She's also really excited at remodeling her self in the process.

"I just hope that this is the beginning of an empire for me and I am the next Pam Anderson-Martha Stewart hybrid," the America's Next Top Model star said.  "I'm going for sexy mogul."

Run My Renovation might reach a limited audience because of the network, but it might just gain popularity on the Internet.  Still, what matters here is that Joanie Dodds is getting some work and hasn't fallen entirely into obscurity.  She's also happy about it, seeing as how she updated her Twitter with the news.

Last month, she wrote: "The lunch with exects went well!! I'm part of the DIY Family."  Well, we can only hope she really succeeds in this project of hers.

Aside from her television gig though, she told about some activities she's been busy with.  From fashion spreads to runway shows, of course she's still involved in that industry, as we expected.

"Since the show I've been working in Los Angeles, and have traveled to Milan and Hong Kong," she revealed.  "It's been great."

Source: The Times Online,, Joanie Dodds' Twitter
(Image Courtesy of WENN)