America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Episode 10, Live Thoughts
America's Next Top Model Cycle 12: Episode 10, Live Thoughts
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
This week, America's Next Top Model is Brazil bound. The final six have packed up their bags, left the Top Model house and are ready for Rio! But, is Rio ready for them? Find out tonight, as we watch America's Next Top Model together.

Tonight's episode promises to be full of excitement and drama: one girl burns out, all of the girls try their hand at Capoeria, and for this week's photo shoot the girls will portray cultural icons of Brazil. What Brazilian cultural icon are you most excited to see the girls portray? Aminat the Amazon? Teyona as Pele? Fo the samba dancer? Allison as Christ The Redeemer? Perhaps Celia as a Carnivale Queen?

And it's ANTM time!

It must be just after elimination and the girls are screaming about Brazil.

Teyona says being in the final six is even more exciting because she's going to Brazil. She also says that people are "sipping on the haterade, so I have to watch out." It seems Fo may be a haterade sipper, she's still upset about Teyona choosing Celia to share her win last week. Fo says that moment made her realize this is a competition and it's "every woman for themselves."

Natalie is stoked to go to Brazil, but for a lame Natalie reason. "All I'm used to is warm weather, so I am excited."

Ah yes! It is the cheesy ANTM plane with the girls photos in the window. Love that that hasn't changed since Cycle 1.

The girls have arrived in Brazil, so they better be on the look out for a surprise challenge. Every cycle the girls have a challenge before getting to go to their hotel, to play up the drama and jet lag. Aminat says being in Brazil is mind blowing. She also says that after being in the bottom two last week that she's "turned over a new leaf." Is that a cue that Aminat is in trouble this week?

The girls are greeted on the edge of a river by a troop of Samba dancers and Fernanda Moth, the host of Brazil's Next Top Model. Fernanda greets the girls and tells them a little about Sao Paolo, before jumping right into the challenge. Told you it was coming! The girls must find the most famous woman in Brazil, "The Girl from Impanema." Not only must the girls find this iconic lady, they must bring her her favorite flower from her favorite flower shop.

Fo is determined to win this challenge, because "it's my turn to win." Oh no, does this mean Fo is going to be in the bottom two?  Maybe I'll have to revise my bottom two to Fo and Natalie? We'll see what cues the editors give us as we go along.

The girls break up into pairs to find the girl from Impanema and her flower. The first pair is Aminat and Teyona, who are convinced Teyona's track background will win them the challenge. Next is Natalie and Fo. Natalie is whining big time. She's complaining about how tired she is because she just took a nine hour flight, just like everyone else Natalie. The last pair is BFF's: Celia and Allison, who are running laughably behind the first two groups. Fo and Natalie arrive first at the flower shop, followed closely by Aminat and Teyona. After that stop, the girls race to a botanical garden when the Girl from Impanema will be waiting for them.

Natalie, of course, is whining about having to run again. But Fo manages to overcome her partner's poor attitude, and they win the photo challenge.

When the girls arrive, the winners are told a prize will be waiting for them at their new house. And now...The Girl From Impanema. The girl is now a woman, ,who is sashaying about in tragic ruffled pants. Yes ruffled PANTS. It boggles the mind. The Girl From Impanema says learn to be graceful, it'll help you as a model. And she sashays away. This woman may be the senior Brazilian version of Tyra Banks. She smacks of over the top crazy...and we like it.

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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