'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Finale Live Thoughts
It's finally time for the finale of 11th cycle of America's Next Top Model.  There are 3 remaining models in the competition: Samantha, Analeigh and McKey.  If I had to call this early on, I'd say that Samantha will be eliminated first tonight, leaving Analeigh and McKey to walk it out at the final catwalk show.  Though I've loved Analeigh since early on this season, I believe that McKey will walk away the winner, seeing as how she seems to turn out the most high fashion shots.  I do expect that the judges will be impressed with Analeigh's commercial appeal, though.  Okay, I've made my prediction and now it's your turn.  Stay with BuddyTV for the next hour and I'll be updating live throughout the finale. 

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Tyra Mail!  It's time for another Cover Girl commercial (of course).  Some of it is in Dutch which should be pretty hilarious.  The winner is going to have her Cover Girl print ad as a nation ad, a billboard in Times Square, and will be featured in WalMart stores everywhere.  Cycle 10 winner Whitney is on hand to introduce the girls to a new Cover Girl product and delivers the news that the end of their commercial, they'll have to deliver a scene stealing kiss.

Sam is up first for her commercial and not only did she fall flat, she was super awkward.  Her kiss with the male model wasn't much better.  McKey doesn't fare any better in front of the camera, which isn't surprising since this has been an issue in the past.  It's moments like this where I can't see her as a winner... AT ALL.  Oh God, Analeigh blanks when it's her turn and I'm scared!  She had to be fed each line which isn't going to go over well in panel.  Does anyone else think she's being strange in her interviews?  I think the pressure is getting to Analeigh a bit.

It's time for the shoot for their print ads and based on what I'm seeing now, I like Analeigh's the best.  Maybe there's hope for her yet in this competition!  At panel, the guest judge is fashion designer Addy van den Krommenacker (say that 5 times fast).  The final two will be walking in his fashion show.  All 3 girls are featured in the same commercial and I still think Analeigh stands out, despite going up on her lines. 

Each model is evaluated individually after the judges see their best take.  Nigel feels that Samantha was distracted by herself and Addy thought she seemed insecure.  Miss Jay thinks her print ad looks fake and not natural enough at all.  Analeigh's individual take is literally painful to watch and the judges don't seem to impressed with her photo either.  Tyra praises McKey (even though that commercial wasn't that great) btu the judges appear to like her.  Well, McKey is definitely moving on to the final round.

And the model eliminated from the competition is: Analeigh.  NOOOO!!!!!!!

McKey and Samantha are filming their covers for Seventeen and both do look great.  Dude, the runway for the Addy van den Krommenacker show is so insane.  There are hills and stairs and it's REALLY long.  Whitney is also walking in the show.  It looks really cool.  I don't know if it's just me, but I don't think McKey or Sam have very strong walks.  It could just be this crazy runway though.

I apparently know nothing about fashion.  At panel, Miss Jay tells McKey that she loves her walk.  The judges are also complimentary of Sam in the show too.  Either they're telling the truth or they're trying to create a situation where the viewer has no idea who is going to win.  The photos from the entire season are compared side by side.  The girls seem to be dead even but I still think McKey is going to win.

A decision has been reached.  The winner of cycle 11 of America's Next Top Model is: McKey. 

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Winner of ANTM 11: McKey and Tyra

- Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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