'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Episode 7 Best and Worst Photographs
Much like an America's Next Top Model contestant, I started out this cycle with some level of enthusiasm for this group of modelettes. They seemed, collectively, kind of modely!

But much as Tyra Banks breaks down the modelettes to “build them back up again,” I'm feeling a little deflated as we enter the midpoint of this cycle. I mean, I wasn't necessarily a Lauren Brie fan, per se, but to send her home after a couple of ho-hum shots, after she'd delivered some of the best Tyra had seen? Well, we can't say she didn't warn us: we think we know America's Next Top Model, but we don't know.

Oh well, one thing I do know is what I thought about the photographs from this episode.


I'm sort of reluctant to pick this as the best, not because of anything Marjorie did, though. I'm just not sure that I want to reward urination-centric shots, because that's just seems like a slippery slope. And who wants to put ideas in Tyra's head about any other interesting “eliminations”? Shudder.

But Marjorie did a good job, and while she was skirting the edges of my nerves last week with her insecurity, I always like the skittish, twitchy outsider girls on America's Top Model, especially since they seem to often have the ability to pull off an awesome transformation in front of the camera. None of them has won the competition yet, though. Maybe a quasi-hunchback would help fulfill Tyra's neverending quest for diverse representation amongst her winners! After all, now that the transgendered girl has been eliminated, she needs to start looking elsewhere for who has the interesting “story” for the ultimate win.


McKey's photo is really interesting, and she always looks like sculpted marble with her amazing skin. But this photo seems stiff, and I don't think it truly communicates what the theme of her shoot was. I agree with Tyra; it would have been better if she had conveyed the tension of wanting to win and trying to appear gracious.

Analeigh's photo shows good emotion, but does she really look like a model? That turned in shoulder is a start, but I feel the angle of her neck just makes her look like a petulant mall girl, not the kind of haughty elegance that would make this truly fashion.

Elina…you know what? Whatever, I'm bored with Elina at this point and she so seemed like she would be one of the most interesting girls. Her face is amazing, but every shoot lately, I'm just like, eh, snoozers.

Joslyn's shot was certainly better than last week's, but she continues to fail to live up to the modely promise of that first shot we saw. Now she just looks like yet another America's Next Top Model contestant – not an actual model.


Nigel Barker liked Samantha's shot, but I can't see what he saw. I've become a Samantha booster in recent weeks, but I think this is a poor shot, plain and simple. It's probably just an unfortunate moment of shutter snapping, but her cheek was captured at an unflattering, chipmunky moment. She's got better photos in her, I am sure, but this was not a good week for her.

I agree that Sheena has a cute and bubbly personality (although I liked her better when she wasn't as trash-talky about the other girls as she was at least edited to appear this week). But she still hasn't found a way to translate her appeal to the film, except with that cute, albeit flawed, photo from the first week.

Lauren Brie's photo was really just kind of weird from a physical perspective. She really did look stiff as a mannequin, and her facial expression was not helping. I still would have liked to see what she could have done in future episodes, but it is not to be.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Images courtesy of CW)