'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 11: Best and Worst Photographs
America's Next Top Model is back for Cycle 11, and with it, my favorite part of the show: the photo shoots.  Sure, a fierce runway walk is fantastic, and good presence will cut through a lot of criticism at panel, but personally, I'm a sucker for a great photograph.  I can overlook a bad personality, a lack of magnetism, and general un-Cover-Girl-ness for the girl who can nail that high fashion look in front of the camera.

This week, we had our first chance to see what this newest batch of modelettes can do, and I must admit, there were some surprises in the bunch.  Most of the time, this column will just focus on the Best and the Worst, but for this first time, let's take a look at all of our new girls as we started to get a sense of their potential.

I really thought Joslyn would be going home early but after seeing this photograph, I REALLY hope I am wrong. Holy moses! This is the kind of thing I love, when you put a pretty girl in front of a camera and she turns into some kind of impossibly gorgeous creature. I never expected this but now I am very interested to see what she does next.

You can tell that Marjorie doesn't quite know what she's doing, and her hesitation manifests itself as a slightly blank affect in this photograph. But who cares, she looks like an actual model. If she just had a little more tension and power in her arms, the photograph would be a total home run as that would have contrasted well against her expression. As it is, this is still a much more high fashion and interesting shot than most of her competitors offered up.


From a straight up beauty perspective, Elina is definitely in the top for me. She's also seems to have some smarts (I mean, other than the crush on Clark thing), and has a leg up on the other girls in the sense that her face has intensity and it looks like she knows what she's doing. So why isn't she in the top? Miss J. said it: more neck. Tyra has talked about this before, the difference between looking like an actress in a fashion magazine and looking like a model Elina has personality and beauty in this photograph, but she doesn't look like a true fashion model due to the lack of elongation in her neck and upper body. Whether or not this actually will matter in the America's Next Top Model contest is, of course, debatable.

I like Isis. I like her poise and her personality. She's also modeling the hell out of this shot. But this photograph doesn't demonstrate that she has a face that successfully transforms in front of the camera into either an otherworldly beauty or a quirky yet mesmerizing look. It's a compelling and powerful photograph, but I just am not seeing fashion model. She might not have yet hit her best angle though, so with the skills she's demonstrating, maybe she pull it off next time.

It's not entirely McKey's fault that I am a little irritated by this shot. By this point in the episode, we'd seen and heard so much about her mixed martial arts that you can't help be bored by what would have otherwise been an interesting use of an atypical pose. Nevertheless, she's doing something, her skin is gorgeous and her face is an interesting face we haven't see very often in this competition, so I'm still looking forward to seeing what else she can do.

Normally in this column, I really try to avoid commenting on personality, because this is all about the shot. But I can't help it with Sheena: she's just so durn cute. I was mildly annoyed with her based on the pre-show interview snippets, but I think I was wrong. Sure, she's a little ball of energy, but she seems very sweet, and that's part of what I like about this photograph, actually. It's not exactly fitting the theme, and I can see that the “hoochie” element will be a challenge for her…but her face has an openness and sweetness to it that is very appealing. It's appealing and I think it actually helps to offset the fact that her body might photograph more “sexy” than high fashion.


Analeigh has a great body, but her face needs some more intensity. She seems like she would do well to study up and look through some fashion magazines to see how it's done.

The judges liked this photograph, and I can see that Brittany has more potential than I anticipated. This particular shot, though, makes her look slightly cross-eyed (which could just be how the camera catching her at the wrong moment), which I found ultimately distracting. I think, like Analeigh, she needs to get more familiar with fashion photography.

Samantha's shot is yet another case of the face falling flat while the body is showing some promise. Her left leg is a little poorly placed in that it's creating a truncated calf, but at least she tried something dynamic.

I'm not hating on Nikeysha's leg placement as much as the judges, because I think in this photograph, with the mirroring effect, it actually winds up seeming more sculptural and abstract. But she will need to work on this in the future.


Yikes. Here's the inner monologue represented by this photograph of Clark: “I touch the red tape? Here? Like this? How is this? What do I do with my other hand? Here? On my hip? Is this good?”

I'm just bored by this shot of Lauren Brie. I have no comment.

The Alaskan from Alaska Hannah (who is from Alaska, did you hear?) has a lot of natural Alaskan potential going for her Alaskan self. Unfortunately, for her, and for Alaska (which is where she's from), she's not doing much with it in this photograph. The judges are always telling the models to put a thought in their heads when they take a photograph, but the thought can't be “I'm vaguely confused. And I'm from Alaska.” Alaska.

Yikes again for ShaRaun. Okay, so I was way off in my original assessment in my Judging by Appearances. I loved her look in that shot, but this one. Yowza. It doesn't even look like the same girl. Her body placement actually works for me; the judges didn't like that it looked like the metal detectors are “handcuffs” but that could actually be the statement of the shot. But her face is very poorly positioned with the light and with this expression, she doesn't look like a model.

I've been let down by Miss Tyra before, so this might be premature, but I am feeling slightly more interested in this group of girls than I have in recent cycles.  We'll have to see if that holds up through future episodes of America's Next Top Model.

- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Images courtesy of CWTV)