America's Next Top Model - Best and Worst Photos of the Week - Episode 8

Well, not really.  That title is inaccurate for two reasons.

For one, there wasn't a photo shoot this week on America's Next Top Model, and I, for one, feel a little cheated.  I know that a Top Model has to be able to present herself and all that stuff...but honestly the Cover Girl commericals are always so corny that even when the girls do well, they're kind of boring.  I'd rather just see them get dressed up and have their picture taken.  But we have to take what Tyra gives us.

The other reason that title is inaccurate is that there really wasn't a Best and Worst this week.  There was a Most Painful to Listen To and a Slightly Less Painful to Listen To and that's about as good as it gets.

So...the Slightly Less Painful to Listen To for me?  Renee.  Yes, she was a little gruff in her Steve-Irwin-style presentation.  I know the judges likes Natasha best, but for Renee was the only one who didn't have me cringing my way of the couch.

Most Painful to Listen To:  Pretty much everyone else.  This was a tough group to ask to do a commerical involving speaking memorized lines in an Australian accent.   Brittany has her short term memory problems.  Natasha has a Russian accent, and while she did manage to do well enough to impress the judges with this task, will she be able to really pull off an extended commercial campaign?  Jael has her laid-back stoner-style speak.  Dionne kind of has the Danielle Evans from Cycle Six Southern gal thing going on.  Jaslene...well, she's got the Latin flavor, which could interfere with another accent, but the main issue for me was just that she has an odd way of speaking.  (Although doesn't she look fantastic in her makeup?)



With this pool of verbally-challenged girls to choose from, it might be a tough fit for Tyra and their judges to find their perfect America's Next Top Model and Cover Girl spokesperson.

- Leslie Seaton (BuddyTV Staff Columnist)

(Images courtesy of CW)