America's Next Top Model and Make Me A Supermodel: The Model Invasion Begins Tonight!
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Starting tonight, models will be invading your television and controlling your Wednesday evenings. The only thing to do is give in to their fierce, fabulous, fashion charms and fall prey to their poses and sob-stories. Tonight the biggest modeling shows on television both debut their latest batch of hopeful models, with three hours filled to the brim with Tyra-isms and the ever hot Tyson Beckford.

First up is the premiere of the 12th Cycle of America's Next Top Model. Thanks to a pushed back debut date, you will be treated to two back-to-back hours of Tyra and her latest batch of Top Model hopefuls. The two hour debut is sure to be filled with sob stories, awkward auditions, and hopefully a completely crazy Tyra entrance. (Can she out-crazy last years Tyra-bot? I can only hope.) After Tyra's first declaration of "you are no longer in the running to be America's Next Top Model," there is an hour long fashion-free lull before Bravo's take on the modeling show, Make Me A Supermodel. In comparison to ANTM, Make Me A Supermodel is still in it's infancy as modeling--but it has also learned from ANTM's mistakes. Make Me A Supermodel is more modeling and less reality TV filler and for the second season in a row, they have a much stronger looking cast of high-fashion hopefuls.

In celebration of the new seasons of both shows, we've made a couple of slideshows with our arbitrary pre-season predictions. Yes, though I have yet to see an episode of either show, I will happily postulate about who will win. Check out my pre-season picks and then share your thoughts with me, who do you think will be this cycle's Top Model? What fashion newbie will go from unknown to supermodel in a matter of months?

Be sure to check back on BuddyTV to get my live thoughts on two hours of Tyra and my recap of the first episode of Make Me A Supermodel tonight. Then tomorrow stop by and read my exit interviews with the first eliminees from both shows.

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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