America's Next Top Model: Part One of All-Stars Showdown!
Over the past eight days, we've rewound through the past eight cycles of America's Next Top Model and taken a look back at the winners of each cycle.

As each season airs, it's easy to get caught up in the drama, the personalities and the story arcs created by editors. The person we want to win America's Next Top Model might not be the person with the strongest abilities, but rather the modelette who has charmed us most and therefore seems most deserving of the title.

Looking back over the winners after time has passed, though, it's a little easier to assess them with a critical eye. So that's what we are going to do. I'm going to rate the eight winners on a ten-point scale in four categories, and assign an overall average score.

ANTM is ESPN for the fashion-obsessed; it's time this sport got some stats.

That's right people: it's a model-off!

Now, this might seem to be a moot exercise. After all, aren't these girls out in the modeling world trying to make it now? Wouldn't it make more sense just to see who's doing the best in reality?

Not exactly. America's Next Top Model changed the trajectory for these girls, so we'll never know which girl couldn't have broken into the business without the show, and whose high fashion modeling potential was forever tarnished by association with a reality program.

So here are the categories:

1. Editorial: Did she bring edge, sex appeal, connection with the camera and that certain spark to her editorial shots? Is the shots, as Tyra likes to say, “aspirational?”

2. Commercial: Are her commercial shots beautiful yet accessible, All-American, fun, girl-next-door?

3. Runway: Does she have a strong stage presence and solid walk?

4. Height: In reality, the ideal range for most models over the age of 18 is 5'9” to 5'11”. Sure, Kate Moss isn't the ideal height, but she was also discovered when she was 14, when the height requirements are more flexible since it's assumed the model is still growing. By the time it was clear Moss wasn't, she was already in the industry. For a model breaking in, height is an important and undeniable factor. If one of our All-Stars isn't within range, she's going to be deducted two points for each inch off.

What did I not rate on? Personality or likeability or, actually, beauty. I think all the girls selected are pretty beautiful, and since whose face you like the best then is pretty subjective. So their beauty is a given; what I'm looking at is how they use it.

And the results? Surprised me. Some of my favorite girls landed in the bottom, and the one who came out on top I never would have guessed. Today we'll do the bottom four, and tomorrow, just in time for the premiere, we'll do the top. Take a look and see how you would have ranked them and if that would match up with who your favorite winner is.  Click below to start!


- Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

(Image courtesy of CW)