'America's Next Top Model' 14: The Final Four's Cycles in Review
It wasn't long ago that there were 13 contestants on America's Next Top Model, then it was pared down to the Final Four in New Zealand. Before we knew it, thanks to two hours of Tyra madness in the finale, there were two left. And then, there was Krista.

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Now though, we might as well relive the Final Four's moments throughout Cycle 14. You may be disappointed with the outcome (ahem, ahem) or ecstatic about the winner, but you can't deny that the girls gave us some great highlights during their time on the show.

The America's Next Top Model thrill isn't over yet. Here you can find the Final Four contestants' Cycles in Review.

In third place, Alexandra Underwood and Angelea Preston:

The Cycle 14 Runner-up, Raina Hein:

Finally, the winner of America's Next Top Model Cycle 14, Krista White:

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(Image Courtesy of the CW)