America's Most Smartest Model: Season Finale Recap
America's Most Smartest Model: Season Finale Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Tonight brings the finale of the second most popular model-themed competitive reality series, America's Most Smartest Model.  Throughout the season, VJ Logan has cheated his way into the finals, being supported by judge and host Mary Alice Stephenson he entire time.  On the other corner is Andre Birleanu, the tough-talking Soviet son of diplomats who has made it his mission to break every one of his opponents.  Helping him is the fact that he has more modeling experience than probably the other 15 contestants combined.

Now, there can be only one.  Will pretty boy newcomer VJ take the prize, or will it go to the experienced if difficult Soviet comrade?  Judging by the title of this show, I'd say VJ takes two out of three ("America's" and "Most Smartest"),while Andre wins the "Model" category.,

Last week on America's Most Smartest Model, Mary Alice and Ben Stein gave the two finalists their task: prepare a five-minute Power Point presentation explaining why they deserve to win.  VJ decided to compare Andre to a rottweiler, while Andre struggled until he came up with the brilliant idea to use his reward (a cell phone) to call a mystery guest.

As VJ prepares his presentation, a main asset is his strategy, using sneaky and underhanded methods to win.  Another highlight is his Jaguar presentation, particularly when compared to Andre.  Meanwhile, Andre makes the super secret phone call to...Jeff Pickel!  Yay, more Pickel is always a good thing!   The concept is to get his fallen opponents to claim he should win, which is a decent plan that thankfully doesn't rely at all on Andre trying to present himself.  Also, we all know that Pickel is quite entertaining.  However, it all boils down to a bully getting the nerd to do his homework for him.

Andre cackles at his genius idea, having someone else do his presentation.  VJ, on the other hand, is working hard all night.  A stylist shows up to fit VJ for a suit, and he spends the whole fitting flirting with her.  During Andre's fitting, he spends his time flirting with his Soviet self in the mirror.  The next morning, the two get ready and take a limo to the finals.  VJ is studying up on his notes to the last minute, while Andre is doing nothing.

They pull up to a theater where they will give their presentations.  VJ is practicing with his cue cards, and he just wants the judges to like him.  In Andre's dressing room, Pickel arrives and Andre is jumping with joy.  Pickel is nervous because he doesn't have a lot of time to prepare, but Andre is just excited that he doesn't have to do anything.  To help the judges are a rocket scientist, psychologist, fashion empress and a fashion writer.  Andre is focused on the fashion judges, while VJ is more worried about the smart ones.

VJ is first to go.  He starts out strong with some famous quotes, and when he goes to a clip, the audio doesn't work.  VJ, thinking on his toes, decides to simply narrate what is happening.  He defends his "cheating" as using his intelligence.  He compares himself to a labrador retriever, then dumps on Andre for being a rottweiler who will eat your baby.  Ben laughs at this, as do I.  It's a solid presentation, and he covered well when things didn't go right.

Andre comes out, and his intro is rough, then he tosses a curveball to the judges and brings out Pickel.  The judges are stunned, and happy to see Pickel.  VJ applauds it as pretty sneaky, then calls him a coward.  Pickel is funny, charming and well-spoken while talking about Andre credentials.  Andre loves Pickel so much, then Andre takes over the ending.  At that point, things turn horribly wrong.  Andre claims that being gay white and black are things that can change.  Even Pickel is ashamed of what happens when Andre opens his mouth.

Afterwards, VJ is very calm and upbeat about Andre's clever twist.  The intelligentsia on the judging panels respect VJ, and support Andre's idea to bring in a pinch hitter because his command of the English language isn't so good.  The fashion gurus are split about who they would rather see in their clothes.  They decide to bring the two back to get some more information before making their ultimate decision.

Ben asks the models to debate about how modeling is more than just good looks.  VJ is good, then Andre interrupts and bad mouths VJ.  When Andre gets to speak, he goes on a long rant about how much VJ cheated.  The models go back to the mansion where they will find out who is America's Most Smartest Model.

It's time for the final catwalk.  Immediately the judges go for the experience issue.  VJ had the least, but Mary Alice thinks he's learned and is now, in her eyes, a model.  Ben admired Andre from the beginning for the way he was a bully, but eventually won people over and improved his interpersonal skills.  On the presentations, VJ's was a very good sales presentation.  Andre's was more daring, and Ben fully supports the decision to bring in the likable (and lickable) Pickel.  When asked for his opinion, VJ claims it was cowardly, because Andre knew he couldn't win if he did it himself.

America's Most Smartest Model is...VJ LOGAN!  Ha, suck it Soviet.  That's what you get for not doing your own homework.  VJ thanks his competitor, which is the noble thing to do.  Mary Alice promises to see Andre in New York.  At her loft?  In her bed?  Quite the parting gift.  The judges commend VJ for improving by leaps and bounds.  He gets the V05 deal, a portfolio with all his photos, and the $100,000.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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