'America's Got Talent' Predictions: The Toughest Cuts Yet
'America's Got Talent' Predictions: The Toughest Cuts Yet
Bill King
Bill King
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Heading into the third quarterfinals performance show of America's Got Talent Tuesday night, my expectations were actually quite low. And that was mainly because, after looking forward to certain acts the previous two shows, I was pretty disappointed, and this crop didn't look too promising.

But, wow, was I wrong.

It was a big, big night, and that unfortunately means no matter who advances to the semifinals, there are going to be some worthy acts heading home.

I'm actually quite nervous (or as nervous as I can be about a reality television show) that something unjustifiable will happen during the results show tonight, and I'm just hoping Howard Stern isn't the one responsible for it for the third straight time.

There's a unique emotional element involved in several instances that could influence voting and help eliminate some definite favorites of mine, and I hope if it comes down to a choice, the judges vote with their heads, based on talent, and not their hearts.

Because the talent in this round was so much better than the previous two, we're going to have unavoidable travesties. But that's the nature of the game, I guess, because you can't really predict who will step up and who won't. And the act I ranked number seven in my performance rankings is the perfect example of that because there's a direct comparison.

There are two comedian/impressionists who reached the quarterfinals: Angela Hoover and Jim Meskiman. 

One is a housewife who hasn't done comedy in, like, eight years, and the other has never quit on his dream and has been battling for a career for 15 years. 

One has a few voices and very little in terms of material, and the other has two dozen characters, better impressions and actual jokes to go along with it all. 

Yet only one is in the semifinals, and the other would need a lot of chips to fall in certain places to even make it to the judges' vote. No offense to Ms. Hoover, but she loses the head-to-head comparison by leaps and bounds.

So which acts do I think are moving on? And who has a chance to sneak in? Let's examine the options.

The Easy Cuts: David "The Cobra Kid" Weathers was boring despite the obvious danger, AeroSphere Aerial Balloon Show is a spectacle that delivers little else, Kelsey and Bailey are a dog and pony show compared to Olate Dogs and Illusionist Leon Etienne and Romy Low lost the audience despite a nice payoff and a hot chick dancing. 

The Guy Who Doesn't Deserve It: Meskiman is gone. The judges should be given the opportunity to substitute him for Angela Hoover and then see if they'd have the stones to do it. 

The Emotional Danger Zone: Deanna DellaCioppa has a backstory that overshadows her performances, and I get that some people find it inspirational. But I find it more inspiring when someone who might not look the part lets his or her talent do the talking for them, and I'm tired of hearing how she's fat. Her voice is good, but it's nowhere near worthy of the reaction she gets from the judges. 

Also in this group is The American Military Spouses Choir, which obviously evokes emotion and patriotism and "America, f*** yeah!" But I also would've gotten all that without the flags and neck sashes and the fact that they sang "Hero." It's like when Castaway ended with Tom Hanks at a literal crossroads in his life. Thanks for spelling it out for me, bro.

I hope that voters recognize that this was a great act to end the show, but let's it end here.

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Deserves to Advance, But There's No Room at the Inn: The girls of the Mitsi Dancing School put on an eloquent and elaborate show of precision and beauty, and I would not be disappointed at all if America voted for them. But if they move on, that would mean one of the next four acts doesn't. And all four would be tough to say goodbye to.

The Top Four Acts: Kenichi Ebina came up with and put on an innovative visual masterpiece, even if it came at the expense of some of his cooler dance moves. Brandon and Savannah rocked the Radio City Music Hall stage and have the look of a band seasoned beyond their years. The Chicago Boyz brought energy and crazy jump rope tricks and brought down the house. And Jonathan Allen is a rare talent with backstory of pain most of us could never understand. 

Those four acts, in my opinion, are the ones that should advance, with Mitsi also deserving. So naturally, my worst fear is that the final two are Deanna DellaCioppa and Jonathan Allen, and Howard Stern picks Deanna because we already have two opera acts in the semifinals, one of whom is gay with unaccepting parents. 

Which four acts do you think are moving on?

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