Montages! And the Final Four Perform on 'America's Got Talent'
Montages! And the Final Four Perform on 'America's Got Talent'
Finally, (finale), there are only four acts left to perform. NBC couldn't stretch this into two hours if they tried, even with seven segments of the judges being "wacky," so the performances are a benevolent one hour, before we pull teeth for two hours in the results show!

Before we can look forward, we have to look back. HAVE TO. Audition montage! We re-visit the auditions of the four acts that remain, and say goodbye to all the acts we've eliminated with our own phones. After looking back, all I have to say is that the finale results show absolutely must include a performance from Sam B.

Up first, it's Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. Will a singer win it all again? Landau's story is similar to Michael Grimm's, in that it's completely tragic and inspiring. He has a whole orchestra and a white suit for his final performance. He's singing "My Way," which is sure to tug on a lot of heartstrings. Piers calls it a million dollar performance, Sharon said it was perfectly sung and he didn't play it safe tonight, and Howie said he just sealed the deal. Um, alright! The other three acts can pack it in and go home, I guess!

Oh my god, for the finale Landau is performing with Patti LaBelle! Yes, please! And if we buy tickets to see the Top 10 live we have to see the winner of Australia's Got Talent? Well, whatever. In another segment, the final four got to go to Las Vegas and eat at a bunch of buffets. I have to admit, Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. looked so earnest and delighted when he was on that Vegas stage.

Team iLuminate could very well deviate from the pattern and blow it all tonight, or it could be amazing. Last week was so cool. This time, they have light-up hearts and tons of other lights going on. It's like Christmas all year round. It was more of a spectacle than we've seen before, and a lot more light. It told less of a story this time, but everyone still seemed to love it. They awarded Nick Cannon with a light-up heart, and he didn't seem to know how to respond. Sharon said it was bigger and better and she loves that they start at ground zero, Howie thinks they also deserve to win but also thinks that America will vote for Landau based on personality. Will you? Piers said that Team iLuminate is what this country is about: smart people with great ideas creating jobs and making America great again. What? Is this about creating jobs?

For the results show, Team iLuminate will perform with Cobra Starship, and I say leave Cobra Starship out of this! The one non-singer who has ever won this thing, that ventriloquist named Terry, performed. Ughhh ventriloquists

I don't know if PopLyfe will win this whole thing, especially singing "We Will Rock You." Good for them, though. Oh, it's a Queen medley, sort of. Wow, that's ambitious. Also, I think they need to leave the singing to the girl, and not let any of the boys sing. It was weird. Howie says he hopes people will vote for what they've done in the past (it wasn't their best), Piers asked her why she's crying. Alright.

Another look back at the auditions reminded us of that hilarious unicycle guy who also juggled and touched Howie's head. I liked him. Then we saw some more bad auditions that I'm not convinced the participants were "in on." Oh man, I do not remember that guy who just kept breaking blocks with his head like he had a problem. That was hilarious. And never forget: Primitivo Montoya falling off the stage. So as we're watching this I'm wondering, does Silhouettes even have time to perform? Oh, it's a technical issue. SO, another montage, but this time featuring Nick Cannon's adventures across America.

Will Silhouettes get to perform? What's going on? At last, Silhouettes is ready, with two minutes until the Parenthood premiere. This performance, to "What a Wonderful World," was all about dreaming and using your imagination? I like that it was just nice, and not as preachy or manipulative this time. I'm so sour, to call this group manipulative. I'm sorry, world. It was really sweet. "Get voting, America!" Piers says in a hurry. Sharon called it, "inspirational, beautiful," and Howie said he loved it. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE until your fingers bleed!

(images courtesy of NBC)