'America's Got Talent' Reveals Its Final Four
'America's Got Talent' Reveals Its Final Four
A week ago, Piers promised one of the best, most talented nights America's Got Talent has ever seen. Then the actual performance show happened and he was just not having it. I feel like there are three acts that will clearly move forward, so tonight is all about that one, fourth spot. Who will it be? All four spots in the Season 6 finale will be filled tonight! Nick Cannon promises it will be "devastating."

Update: the goldfish from Landon Swank's magic trick is living at Howie Mandel's house. ANYWAY, Smage Bros. Riding Shows and Team iLuminate are first to the stage. It's gotta be iLuminate, right? Even though I like me some Smage. The first group in the finale is: Team iLuminate! I think they're in a great position to win it all.

After the show, things got POPPIN'. I bet those Smage Bros got some. Some popcorn, that is! Next to receive results: Miami All Stars and Lys Agnes. Hmm does it have to be one of them? I didn't think either of them was particularly exceptional. It's an army of dancers vs one operatic singer. But as it turns out, neither act is going through. Both acts are consoled.

PopLyfe and Landon Swank are up next. I really want it to be Landon Swank, because I love magic, but I feel like the voters listened to the judges and voted PopLyfe through. And PopLyfe is through to the next round! Poor Landon. Magicians can't cut a break.

To fill time, Nick shows us all the trailers they live in. Nick Cannon is pretty adorable, I guess, but I don't really care about any of this. And I didn't want to see Howie naked. And with that, Il Divo! They really classed up "Wicked Games."

More results! Silhouettes and West Springfield Dance Team hit the stage and WSDT has to know they're screwed. Vampires vs Believing in Yourself? It's a done deal. Silhouettes advances to the finale.

Once again, it's down to Anna Graceman and Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. But it can't go well for both of them this time. Does it even matter, now that Howie has declared it the Year of the Dance? They were both good, and they both tug on America's heartstrings! Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. got the votes, and Anna Graceman cried, proving she is, actually, an eleven-year old girl.

So the final four acts are Team iLuminate, PopLyfe, Silhouettes, and Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. Who will win the big prize? Who is most likely to blow it? Who got your votes?

(images courtesy of NBC)