'America's Got Talent' Recap: Austin Keeps Its Auditions Weird
'America's Got Talent' Recap: Austin Keeps Its Auditions Weird
Everything's bigger in Texas, but is the talent? And so on and so forth. Nick Cannon is on a train, wearing a cowboy hat, for the Austin, Texas auditions that promise to be the "most dangerous" and probably have the most singers we've seen yet. Howie has germ issues but for some reason he's OK riding a longhorned cow into these auditions? All I ask is that you be consistent, Howie.

The first audition is a little kid in a mariachi band, Sebastian Cruz. I mean, his band is behind him, "El Charro de Oro," but it's all about the little kid. He's good, too, maybe one of the most talented children we've seen on this season so far. Who raised this adorable child? I would call this a novelty act, maybe not a million dollar Vegas act, but it definitely deserves to move on.

Next, an impressionist was bad, and another one of those danger sideshow acts was bad. But this next danger act could change everything! The Bandbaz Brothers balance on each other's heads, and mouths. Jesus. There was a moment of terror when they almost their balance a couple of times, and the look on Nick Cannon's face was one of genuine concern. Everyone really liked it. They're moving forward!

Now we meet a cowboy/former soldier with a stutter, Tim Poe. He was hit by a grenade in Afghanistan, which caused him a brain injury. The audience melts. It does not matter if he's good or not anymore, it's too emotional. Fortunately for everyone, he's good. The audience goes wild, screaming and crying as though we were all engaged to marry him. His speech pathologist was told to sing in the shower, and I guess this is what came out! Lucky guy.

There were some freaky contortionists, who contorted balanced atop one another, and a young boy in a yarmulke who sang and played the piano. Now I'm nervous for this "mom with a dream" of pole dancing. Lulu got up there and did her thing. So you go, girl. Do you, but just don't do it here. Then Nick Cannon made it about himself. My question is: how long was he wearing that duct tape bikini under his shirt in anticipation for this?

I am really excited to see Joe Castillo's stories using light and sand. I saw a woman do this on the ... Hungary's Got Talent? Some iteration of this show, and it was awesome. And the audience was nice and quiet for it. I love it, though. This is a million dollar act. He was smart to make it patriotic, here in Texas. I'm excited to see what else he'll do!

But finally, we'll be treated to The Human Cannonball. We have been waiting for this all season! Can he do anything beyond this? Does it matter? We'll just watch him shoot himself out of a cannon until he doesn't get the votes to continue. Everyone heads outside, where it's raining. Nick Cannon has someone to hold an umbrella over his head/suit. He's shot out, and lands in the net. People scream, Nick swears, but he's OK! He lived! Damn, that net stretched, though. He'll shoot himself out of a cannon in Vegas.

What was your favorite act from this episode?

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