America's Got Talent: Predicting the Next Batch of Casualties
America's Got Talent: Predicting the Next Batch of Casualties
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Despite the judging hullabaloo of late (plus the Arcadian "They Made Me Do HSM" Broad controversy), America's Got Talent still is the most popular show this summer, and the ratings seem to be on a rise even.

Just to get you up speed, the judges picked the following acts to advance last week: Kevin Skinner, Voices of Glory, The Fab Five, Grandma Lee, and Texas Tenors. That means previously thought invincible frontrunner (one of the handful) Acrodunk got the boot, so did Paradizo Dance. There was much furor over some of the acts on this first batch, especially former chicken catcher Kevin Skinner, who was hailed by AGT judge Piers Morgan as "the one to beat" - despite what critics said was a lackluster, off-key performance of "Always on My Mind." I personally thought it was nothing special, but what I do know about country music. So I'll shush on that one.

The following will be performing this week on America's Got Talent, and four will advance (supposing the judges don't invoke the "we-can-bend-the-rules" rule and have five acts advance again):

1.    Recycled Percussion,
2.    Mario & Jenny,
3.    Lawrence Beamen,
4.    Jeffrey Ou,
5.    Hairo Torres,
6.    FootworKINGz,
7.    Erik & Rickie,
8.    EriAm Sisters,
9.    Drew Stevyns,
10.    Bárbara Padilla

Among this batch, certain to get through are Barbara Padilla, Lawrence Beamen, and perhaps Recycled Percussion. Although I reckon Recycled Percussion fans may slightly overlap with Acrodunk fans, who obviously failed to save their bet.

Everything else is fair game. But if I had my way, I'd pick Barbara Padilla, Drew Stevyns (he sang a Grey's Anatomy song!), Recycled Percussion, and Mario & Jenny. Arcadian Broad and Jeffrey Ou appear like they share a fan base - you know, those who like kid geniuses, while it's a toss between FootworKINGz and Erik & Rickie. Yet since singers are having such a grand time on America's Got Talent, I'm not counting out the EriAm Sisters yet. The fans also appear to like kids a lot.

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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