America's Got Talent: Meet Barbara Padilla
America's Got Talent: Meet Barbara Padilla
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Barring any unexpected turn of events, opera singer Barbara Padilla will most probably win America's Got Talent. And it's not only her talent and storyline that are pushing her to the top, it's also her attitude. Let's face it. The American audience is an emotional one (read: Kanye West), and while they may be discerning enough to pick based on ability, someone's attitude also gets in the way - either for better or worse.

"Sometimes I feel like they're mistaking me for somebody else or something like that. It's very surreal. But it's fun. It's an adventure," says Padilla, who is up for competition in the NBC talent show's finale on Wednesday (where Susan Boyle is also set to perform, by the way).

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See? How gracious can you get? And like Susan Boyle, when Padilla performs on stage and the audience and judges give her a rousing nod of approval, her eyes dilate like she couldn't believe she's this good.

"I'm very thankful for that. That's what the life of a human being should be -- service to others," Padilla says. "Doing whatever you can for others while you're doing what you love the best -- what else can I ask for?"

What? She's humanitarian, too?

Padilla was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and moved to Houston ten years ago. She was diagnosed with Hodgkins lymphoma while in college in Mexico and underwent several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation. She had a relapse, but thankfully, a good samaritan - the music director at the University of Houston Edythe Bates Old Moores Opera Center - sponsored her after an audition.

"Keep in mind I was not exactly the happiest person on Earth at that point. I just sang what I knew. He said, 'I can give you a full scholarship, all the way through your master's degree.' I was like, 'Yeah, right,' and I went back to Guadalajara. Peter Jacoby got back in touch with (me), and it became a reality."

- Glenn Diaz, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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