America's Got Talent First 12 Rankings
America's Got Talent First 12 Rankings
#12  Nathaniel Kenyon  If he hadn't gone last, I would have forgotten it even happened.

#11  Paul Safy Jr.  This one I wish I could forget, but instead it's haunting my dreams. Aghhh the shadow dancing!

#10  Sally Cohn. I'm sorry, Sally!  If the show were America's Got Cool Ladies you'd be at the top, but talent-wise it just wasn't the best.

#9  Maricar  I think I was actually more impressed before she was doing it underwater. Am I supposed to be impressed because I was more worried she might drown and not finish this time?

#8  Christina & Ali  Good for them, but would I pay to see it as an act? No.

#7  Nick Pike  Aghhh it was so awkward and weird and kind of sad. It was mostly him running around setting things on fire, and less juggling.

#6 RNG  I didn't think it was as bad as the judges did. Like Sharon, I applaud their ability to find a routine that was age appropriate and still interesting.

#5  Kung Fu Heroes (I guess) It wasn't my favorite but it had some Vegas flair to it, and thus, potential.

#4  Future Funk  Cute without being annoying--it's hard to do! People will vote them in for sure, just because they don't want to shatter the dreams of children.

#3  The Hot Shot Tap Dancers  I didn't think I would place them this high, but upon further review, they were one of my favorite acts. Their routine was clean and only moderately confusing when it came to the story.

#2  Fighting Gravity  Come on, this was just cool and I want to see it again.

#1  Airpocalypse  I think I'm going to get some push-back on this one, but I loved it and they put on a great show. Also they're from the Northwest--represent!