America's Got Talent - 2.07 Recap - Only the Weird Will Survive
America's Got Talent - 2.07 Recap - Only the Weird Will Survive
Yesterday the America's Got Talent judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, and David Hasselhoff winnowed through 70 hopefuls, putting 35 through to tonight's round.  This evening, the judges had to cut 15 more acts to get the 20 America's Got Talent semifinalists that audiences would begin voting on next week.  Some of the cuts were surprising, as were some of the keepers.

In retrospect, the freak factor plays for audiences and the America's Got Talent producers know this.  Of course, since Simon Cowell is also the producer of another show that allowed someone like William Hung to become a household name, it isn't so surprising.  Still, the impression walking away from the show is that America's Got Talent sort of sold its concept down the road, and I think you'll see why.

The results show started with a laugh as Ivan Urban Action Figure was brought out to be told he would not be making it through to the next round.  The guy botched his act before it started and knocked himself unconscious.  Honestly, I think they might have made a mistake here, because I can see millions of people tuning in to see if Ivan survives another week, but hey, at least somebody is looking out for his well being.

The first group to make it through was Side Swipe (the martial arts group), Terry Fader (the ventriloquist), Johnny Lonestar (lasso artist), and the magician Kevin James, whose protégé Anthony Reed was sent home.  The most surprising cut for me was the Redneck Tenors.  I really believed those guys were a lock.  They couldn't believe it either, some of them were copacetic about it, but the fair-haired dude was downright nasty. 

The remaining acts were The Second Story Guys (dancers, I guess), The Fault Line (a cappella singing group), The Pet Theatre (dog act), Southern Girl (singers), The Duttons (huge family band), and yes, Boy Shakira.

Outrage break:  Boy Shakira but not the Redneck Tenors?  Can I get a big WTF?

The Glamazons (singers), Cas Haley (awesome singer, my pick to win), Manual Romero (singer), Calypso Tumblers (break dancing acrobatic type dudes), Butterscotch (my second pick, beat boxing pianist/singer), Jason Pritchard (singer).

Jason was sort of interesting because he had to leave to get to work or be fired, so they told him he made it through by cell phone.

Robert Hatchery (singing sewage guy), Johnny Come Lately (teen band), and Kashif (Bollywood dancer).

Did you notice that Leonid The Magnificent did not make it through?  Are you as shocked as I am?  I hope so! Precisely half of the acts are musical in nature and half are variety.  Hmmm, do you think that was planned? Be sure to join us next week as we chime in on the semi-finalists live performances.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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