America's Got Talent - 2.06 Recap
America's Got Talent - 2.06 Recap
It was Las Vegas call back night for the 70 America's Got Talent hopefuls.  Tonight, judges David Hasselhoff, Piers Morgan, and Sharon Osbourne will send half of them home.  Tomorrow, the remaining 35 will be trimmed down the final 20 who will step up and compete. The competitors are split into two groups, the musical acts and the variety acts - thrills, chills, and spills await.

Each act got three minutes to perform, which proved to be more of a hindrance for the Variety folks than the musical acts.  Before the competition begins, though, all 70 competitors are taken for a tour around Vegas and given the opportunity to talk to some of the performers to get a feel for what “the life” is all about.

The music acts were pretty much a walk through of the popular favorites, the Glamazons, Buttercup, the Teenage rock band, and so on.  Surprisingly the Redneck Tenors didn't get any actual performance time on the show, although they were definitely shown.

The background stories were completely un-compelling.  You could probably summarize everybody's back story with “I've worked so hard, and I need this.”  Yes, there were a few family photos shown, but as far as back story goes, the musical acts have nothing on American Idol's peep.  Talent-wise, well that is a different story. 

At the end of the musical segment, 21 acts were put through and only 14 sent home.  Doesn't exactly leave much room for the variety folks (Thank god).

The variety segment starts and it is a parade of mediocrity and total weirdness.  Transvestite comedians – or is that comediennes? – knife throwers, ventriloquists, all very blasé.  It gets so bad that the Hoff takes it upon himself to grab the mic and give the remaining contestants a pep talk.

Surprisingly, John Mitchell, kinetic baton twirler extraordinaire, took the Hoff's challenge and his segment was sort of played as the turnaround point.  Later on he got cut. Wow.  Great editing.

The big moment came when Ivan Urban Action Figure prepared to leap onto the stage over a row of folding steel chairs and caught the first chair, smashing into the rest and landing unconscious on the stage.   There was some predictable drama, followed by a well-positioned commercial break of course, and then the variety acts were given the night off! 

I'd love to comment on the variety acts that went through, but there really isn't much to say. Leonid the Magnificent made it through, which is a huge plus.  There were two very good magicians that made it through; one was actually the other's mentor for some time.

The longer the season goes on the more it looks like a musical act will take the contest again this year.

- Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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