'America's Best Dance Crew' Season 3 Premieres Tonight
The word on the street is: street dance will be taking MTV by storm, as America’s Best Dance Crew returns for its third season.  Featuring nine dance crews from all over the United States, the Randy Jackson brainchild is setting up the search once again.  Mario Lopez is back as host, and Layla Kayleigh remains to be the backstage correspondent.  Despite the familiar faces, expect a few surprises tonight when you set your eyes on the stage.

Returning judges for this season's first episode of America’s Best Dance Crew are rapper Lil Mama and hip-hop choreographer Shane Sparks.  Unlike the previous two seasons though, JC Chasez will not be appearing in the premiere.  However, taking his place is Rynan Paguio and the rest of season 2’s JabbaWockeeZ. 

“It's definitely an honor to be on the other side of the stage as a judge,” said Kid Rainen of the JabbaWockeeZ.  “I'm excited to be able to give my input to the new crews and offer them advice from another dancer's perspective.” 

The competition is on, and crews with names like Dynamic Edition, Quest, Fly Khicks, Boxcuttuhz and Ringmasters will be commanding attention as they contend with challenges on America’s Best Dance Crew.  Last year’s Team Millenia will also be back for their second shot at fame.

On the video below, you’ll get to meet the crews who will get the crew contest in full swing tonight on MTV.  Everyone is raving about the immense talent on the upcoming season, and there’s no doubt that fans will be left astounded by what these crews has to offer.  However, only one of them can make it to the end, and truly be America’s Best Dance Crew.

What do you think?  With so much excitement going on, news has it that AMDC judge Lil Mama was reduced to tears during the premiere.  She was apparently completely moved by the performances of each crew that she didn’t hold back.  Well then, it’s going to be one tough season this year, but surely a thrilling one.

America’s Best Dance Crew
will air its third season on MTV tonight at 10pm.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: MTV, The Earth Times
(Image Courtesy of MTV)