America's Best Dance Crew 2: Top 9 Performance Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Last week America's Best Dance Crew kicked off season 2 with a strong show that saw Distorted X go home while Fanny Pak was in the bottom two. The judges want the contestants to bring it hard, just like host Mario Lopez's abs. Seriously, one week ago the dude was named People's hottest bachelor, now he's posing shirtless for the TV Guide cover. It seems to me like someone has enrolled at the Matthew McConaughey School of Publicity. Next up: star in some really bad romantic comedies and befriend a uni-testicular celebrity. Alright, alright, alright!

The challenge on this week's America's Best Dance Crew is to duplicate the dance moves from some popular music videos. The top six crews are safe, and after the bottom three are announced, the judges will choose who goes home from among the bottom two. First up we learn Super Cr3w and Fanny Pak are safe while Sass x7 is going home (oops, I mean they're in the bottom three).

Super Cr3w: “Run It” by Chris Brown
The b-boys are perplexed by the funky chicken and krumping. They do a lot of their awesome aerials, including one move where half of them leap off the ground about three feet from a laying down position that I don't think is possible given the laws of physics. JC Chasez wants them to do more dancing and fewer b-boys tricks. Shane Sparks keeps pimping them like he's their manager.

Fanny Pak: “Wind it Up” by Gwen Steffani
They're troubled by knee floats and some flares that even b-boys claim are difficult. It's mildly cute, though they've completely abandoned their ‘80s love, and even I am offended by the awful b-boy flare that turns into a poor windmill.

Now it's time to learn the next crew in the bottom three. I don't like how Mario Lopez turns “crew garage” into one word so the first two syllables sound like “Krueger,” as in Freddy. Phresh Select and Supreme Soul are safe while the upper-class boy band Xtreme Dance Force is in the bottom.

Supreme Soul: “Touch” by Omarion
They're excited because this is their style and all except one member of the crew can glide. They do a nice flying V breakdown, and it ends with one guy doing a flip off the stage. Lil' Mama loved it once they got into their groove. Shane says they ripped the show for him, which I assume is a good thing.

Phresh Select: “Gimme That” by Chris Brown
The second Chris Brown song features hitting, a dance move that resembles moving hieroglyphics, giving Mario Lopez a chance to use a corny Bangles pun that I probably would've used had he not. It's fine, as always, but I get very little personality from these guys.

With Sass x7 and Xtreme Dance Force already in the bottom three, we learn Boogie Bots will join them, meaning two of the bottoms crews are from the East Coast. Oddly enough, I thought the bottom three should've been all of the East Coast crews, but I'm probably biased in favor of guys who get facials at the spa.

A.S.I.I.D.: “Like a Boy” by Ciara
There's an intricate funky glide that gives the crew some trouble. They push it, they push it real good and end with a bit of a strip tease which prompts Mario to call this a family show. Shane asks for a slo-mo on the deep crotch grab. What was Mr. Lopez just saying about this being a family show? Lil' Mama is the only judge that doesn't like it because they weren't relaxed enough.

SoReal Cru: “Love in this Club” by Usher
There's a bit of trouble because of the spins that the crew is not used. It's a rather clean routine, but I didn't see anything really outstanding. Shane was annoyed by the tricks and some minor slip-ups. Lil' Mama liked their wavy finger opening, but it was mostly downhill for her after that. She wants them to put the last stab in the chicken, which must be a euphemism for something, but I have no idea what it is, so I'll assume it's some weird voodoo thing.

Mario Lopez announces the bottom two with about 10 minutes of pauses. Sass x7 and Boogie Bots, both from the East Coast, are in the bottom, so thankfully, those adorable preppie kids are next.  I've gotta say, I'm a bit sad all these videos are the same brand of hip hop.  Where's a little Justin Timberlake or maybe, for a real challenge, Fatboy Slim's "Rockefeller Skank" or "Weapon of Choice."  If these crews were half as awesome as Christopher Walken, I'd be impressed.

Xtreme Dance Force: “Let Me Love You” by Mario
The hard part for them is getting loose. The boy band appeal is in full effect, right down to the wife beaters they seductively lift up to reveal a little skin. The routine is very literal to the video and it's a bit too slow and highlights their lack of soul. Shane applauds them, which must be tough for him since he clearly doesn't much care for these kids.

Boogie Bots: “Bump, Bump, Bump” by B2K
Wow, this is a throwback and that's a whole lot of Bs. The Boogie Bots are worried about the large amount of female booty shaking in the video. They actually succeed in combining their robotic moves with some bump, bump, bumping.

Sass x7: “I'm a Slave 4 U” by Britney Spears
This is borderline sexist, but could there be anything more perfect for this Rutgers dance squad? The whole routine resembles seven Britneys acting as slutty as possible (in other words, replicating the video).

The judges get a chance to talk, and Shane says that all he wants from Sass x7 is for them to come out and be sexy women. I'm guessing he doesn't mean it to be as sexist as it sounds, but that's how it came across to me. As always, JC Chasez speaks for about half an hour.

The judges declare the next crew going home is…Sass x7. Their banner falls from the America's Best Dance Crew arena. Not entirely unexpected, but now who will Shane Sparks get to sexually harass? They go out with class and tomorrow I'll be talking to some of the ladies from Sass x7. If you're a fan of questions about the Rutgers grease trucks, you won't want to miss it.

-John Kubicek, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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